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04 August 2009 @ 05:28 pm
Absolute Boyfriend 2.0 - Chapter 1  

Absolute Boyfriend 2.0
Characters: Arashi, KAT-TUN, OCs, and various special guest appearances from other famous people
Pairing/s: Not yet specified
Summary: Miyuki has had one bad relationship after another, while Haru has never been in one. Both are given a chance to have their ideal boyfriend--only they're not human.
A/N: If you have seen Zettai Kareshi or if you have read the manga, then you'll msot likely understand what this is about. I changed the plot, ofcourse, so this would be different from both the manga and the drama. I was inspired by the two media, and you might see bits and pieces of information that I have taken from them just so this would really have the feel of a Zettai Kareshi part 2 (with Johnny's boys as the main characters XD).
Disclaimer: I do not own ZettaI Kareshi (drama/manga) in anyway, nor do I own the Johnny's boys--except for one (LOL). I own the plot and the OCs. Some characters from the original Zettai Kareshi are mentioned, but I do not own them either. ^^

Chapter 1 – What is love?


Ohno Miyuki crossed her arms and closed her eyes. His words came to her as mere sounds without meaning, and her brain refused to process what he was trying to explain.

"So…that’s why…”he finished. “Do you understand?

She opened her eyes and clicked her tongue again, her arms still crossed.

This happens so often, it’s not normal anymore.

"Yuki…Gomen ne?”

She let out a long disappointed sigh before she looked at him and smiled.

"I understand…” she said.

The boy stepped forward to give her a hug but she stepped away and held him back with an outstretched arm.

"Are you still upset?”

Miyuki didn’t answer and took out her cell phone. The boy smiled when he saw her cell phone strap that matched his. It was a souvenir from their first date.

His smile faded when Miyuki removed the strap from her phone. She held the little Anpanman close to her face and smiled at it.

"You know…I never liked Anpanman before us…” she told him. “…and just when I was starting to like him—“

She handed him the Anpanman strap.

"It was good while it lasted, Yuto-kun.” Said Miyuki. “Sayounara.”

She bowed slightly after he took the strap and turned around. Then she walked away without looking back.


Shiomi Haru has never had a boyfriend in her life.

There were several reasons for that. Whatever reason it was, she was convinced that it was valid and that there was no need for her to care what other people say. It was the least of her worries.

Until now.


She scowled at her computer screen before burying her face between her hands. She has been sitting in front of her computer for over an hour and a blank screen stared back at her still.

"Writer’s block?”

Haru looked up and was greeted by her colleague’s smiling face.

“Taguchi-san…” His smile, she thought, was very contagious. “Yeah, I just can’t think of anything right now.”
"Maybe you just need a change of place. I was about to go get some snacks. Do you want to join me?”

She smiled gratefully.

"That sounds like a good idea.”

Haru’s writer’s blocks were often just caused by lack of inspiration or fatigue. Her reason was never lack of experience. She always found a way of writing something really well even if she doesn’t know much about it. But for this case, she found it extremely difficult to even think about writing it. Even if she had all the resources and information she needed, she still believes that she won’t be able to write the article well.

"Eh…Nagase-san gave you that assignment, huh?”

They were walking on the sidewalk.

"Love is a very difficult thing to write about… You can be eighty years old and still not understand love. I read that some people spend their entire lives trying to know what it is.”
"Sou desu ne…”
"It’s a good thing your deadline is two months away. You still have a lot of time to write it.”

Haru could only nod as Junno opened the door for her. She doubted if two months were enough.


Miyuki walked like she was in a trance.

If Asamoto-san had not been standing nearby, she would have been hit by the door on her way out. She was happy, however, that she was able to buy two boxes of cream puffs for herself. They would be her best friends tonight.

Her cell phone rang just as she placed the boxes on the kitchen table. It saddened her not to see the smiling Anpanman hanging from her phone.

"Haiii…” she answered lazily.
"Oh, hi Kou-chan. How’s Seoul?”
"You mean ‘How’s your granny?’, right?” he corrected. “Kame went to Seoul, not me.”
"Sorry, that’s what I meant. So how’s your obaasan?”

She sunk her teeth in one cream puff and was grateful that such a pastry was created.

"She’s doing well. Still strong and…annoying.” He laughed. “You wouldn’t believe the things she made me do here.”

She heard the front door open and expected to see her brother emerge from the genkan*, but saw someone else instead. She shoved what’s left of the cream puff inside her mouth and closed the box. She placed the second box of cream puffs on top of it and held it close with her free arm. She was determined to guard it with her life.

While her best friend jabbered on about his grandmother’s ‘evil schemes’, her brother’s best friend spotted the box of cream puffs and beamed. Miyuki squinted her eyes as he made his way towards her.

"That’s great, Koki.”
"What are you talking about? It was really embarrassing!”

Nino was now next to her and trying to get one of the boxes. She swatted his hand and held her phone with her shoulder so she can protect her cream puffs with both arms. The box was slowly getting deformed because of the struggle between them.

"I have to go, Kou-chan. I’ll see you when you get back, okay?”

She held tighter to the boxes and allowed her phone to fall on the kitchen floor.

"Hands off my puffs!” she yelled.
"I just want one piece!” he yelled back.
"Go away!”
"One pieceeeee!”
"Back offff!!!”

He snarled, and she hissed.

"What are you guys doing?”

Nino and Miyuki turned and saw Satoshi standing a few feet from them, his face resembling toasted bread. They both gasped.

"What the heck happened to you?”

Satoshi grinned.



Haru came back from the store disappointed. The cream puffs she wanted to buy were all sold out so she ended up buying the cute little dessert that Junno suggested. She agreed to buy it simply because it was pink and had tiny candy hearts. She was hoping that eating a love inspired cupcake would somehow help her start the article.

She forked a piece from the dessert and savored the strawberry goodness as she stared at the computer screen again. And just as she typed in a few words, she heard a familiar voice.


Haru smiled and turned around to see the publication’s official photographer waving at everyone individually and saying ‘kon-kon’. Everyone greeted him with an enthusiastic ‘kon-kon’ as well. He was one of Haru’s first friends when she started working for the magazine. He was always very cheerful and friendly. Even though he was her senpai at work, he was very nice and unintimidating and they instantly became friends.

"Yo! Shio!”

Haru waved back at him.

"Long time no see, Aiba. Where have you been this time?” she said.
"Well, you know…everywhere…” he laughed. “Since I’m the only photographer left, I have to go here and there all the time.”
"I heard they’ve found another photographer to help you out.”
"Really? Awesome…I’ll be a senpai again and I get to teach the noob everything there is to know about professional photography. I’m a good senpai, ne, Shio?”

Haru laughed and just nodded her head.

"Ne, what are you up to now?” he asked her suddenly, and Haru remembered her article and groaned. "Nande*?”
"I have to write this article that I know absolutely nothing about.”

She pointed at her computer screen and Aiba read the words slowly.



Nino flicked the loose ash at the tip of his third cigarette and wrote down some words on a crumpled sheet of paper. He assumed it was already around one or two in the morning.

The light at the balcony was, for him, enough to see what he was writing, but it has become one of the two reasons why his eyesight was getting worse. He thought, however, that it wouldn’t hurt to write under poor lighting again tonight.


Nino turned and saw Miyuki peeking through the space between the sliding doors. She opened it wider and let herself in. Nino sighed and put out his cigar just as she made herself comfortable on the lounge chair beside him. She hated smoking.

"What are you doing up at this hour?” she asked as she reclined on the lounge chair, waving her hand to dispel the smoke from his cigar.
"I should ask you the same thing.”

Miyuki zipped up her jacket.

"I couldn’t sleep.” She told him. “It’s cold. Aren’t you cold?”
"Ah, I guess you’re used to it because you’re a cold person.”

He ignored her comment and wrote down something on his paper again. Nino was often annoyed when she would suddenly arrive when he was in the middle of something, but he has given up trying to avoid it. Somehow he’s gotten used to her invading his alone time.

"Writing another song?”

He didn’t answer.

"What’s it about? Oh wait—don’t tell me…unrequited love?”

Miyuki giggled and he just rolled his eyes.

"You’d be an expert on that.” He retorted.

When Miyuki did not answer, he suddenly realized that perhaps he should not have said that tonight. He turned to look at her.

"Touche…” she smiled bitterly at him before looking at the buildings in the distance.

Nino wanted to smack his own head. He tried to think of something to say.

"It’s that Anpanman guy, isn’t it?” he said. “The guy who gave you that annoying Anpanman thing on your cell phone…”

She looked at him surprised.

"Not like it’s any of your business...” She said.
"Want me to hunt him down with my bat? I can go and wake Oh-chan up and we can send him to oblivion or something.”

He was relieved when Miyuki laughed.

"There is no way Nii-chan will do that with you.” She said. “But thanks for the thought. Maybe you can save that for the next guy who breaks my heart.”

She suddenly looked embarrassed by what she said. He just smirked and started to strum his guitar again.

He made a mental note to do just that.



Haru slouched on her swivel chair and started to spin it. She went to work earlier than usual just so she can give herself more time to research about her article. It had been two hours since she arrived and she was happy to have written at least one paragraph. It was better than a blank page, she thought.


Haru sat up straight just in time to see her boss “finger summon” her to his office. She stood up nervously and saw Junno give her a thumbs-up.

"Shitsurei shimasu*…” she said as she stepped inside the office.
"How’s your article coming along?”

The boss nodded and sat on his desk.

"I know you’re having a hard time, Shiomi.” He said.

Nagase-san let out a haughty laugh and walked towards her, his hands in his pockets.

"The whole company knows you’ve never had any experience on love, Shiomi.”
"That’s the very reason why I assigned you to this very important assignment. You are completely ignorant of the ups and downs of love…and we all know that ignorance is bliss. Just take a look at Aiba-san.”

He pointed outside and Haru saw Aiba tickling his nose with a piece of tissue to make himself sneeze. She winced and wished he didn’t choose to do that right now.

"See? Bliss…”

Haru didn’t know if she would be offended or flattered by his remark about her and Aiba. She tried to keep calm as she watched Nagase-san walk back to his desk and tinker with his laptop. After a while he lifted his laptop and showed her the display on the screen.

"Yonde kudasai*.”

Haru stepped closer and read the letters on the screen.

"K-Kronos…Heaven?” She looked at Nagase-san. “What’s that, sir?”

He gave her a sinister grin and Haru suddenly felt afraid to be in his office.



Miyuki was only thankful that she was not supposed to report early for work the next day. Nino’s guitar strumming worked like a lullaby and she overslept. It was an hour till noon already.

"Where is he?”

Satoshi was surprised when she emerged from the balcony. He laughed when he saw her face and this only made her even angrier.

"Ninomiya!” she yelled.
"He left early today.”
"That jerk! He didn’t wake me up! I would have burned out in that sun! I could’ve…I could’ve looked like… like… like you!”

Satoshi blinked and stared at his fuming sister.


Miyuki laughed weakly and wondered where her brother goes during those gaps. She breathed deeply and calmly walked to the kitchen to get herself a plate and spoon. She was happy that at least she didn’t have to worry about cooking lunch for him anymore. He wasn’t always very reliable, but at least he cooked when he was hungry.

She sat down next to him and he started to chopstick some omurice onto her plate.

"Eat up.”
"Hai.” She smiled. “Itadakimasu.”

She took a huge spoonful and savored the many flavors in her brother’s special (everything he found on the fridge) omurice. She doesn’t know how he pulls it off.

"Ah, I almost forgot.”

Satoshi retrieved her cell phone from his pocket and placed it on the table.

"I found it on the floor. I almost stepped on it.”
"Oh, thanks… I didn’t realize I left it there.” She chuckled. “Are—“

At the corner of her phone was a small and shiny baseball bat sticker.

"What’s this?”

Satoshi peered at her cell phone and chuckled.

"Must be Nino-kun.” He said. “He puts stickers on my stuff too.”

Miyuki sneered at the sticker and was about to peel it off but her brother stopped her.

"He puts stickers for a reason.” He said before finishing his omurice. “I’d keep it on for a while if I were you.”

Satoshi stood up and lifted his shirt to show her his belt. At the center of the buckle was a shiny fish sticker.

"Been catching more fish since I had the sticker.” He laughed. “Works like a charm.”

Miyuki made a face and just nodded. She mumbled about how Nino could put a sticker on her phone but not pick it up from the floor.

"Right…” she looked at her older brother’s sun burnt face and snorted. “I’d peel that fish off if I were you, Sato-nii. It doesn’t work like a charm on you at all.”


"As if it’s not hard enough that I have to write about love…”

Nagase-san made her explore the Kronos Heaven website so she can get an idea of what was in store for her. After reading the About Us page, however, Haru thought that it was ridiculous that her boss even thought about it. It was interesting and it was something that the readers would surely like to read, but she just did not see the point why she had to do it.

“Maybe he’s making fun of me…” she grumbled as she stopped in front of a large building and checked the address on her notebook. “This must be it.”

The building looked very sleek and modern. As soon as she entered the automatic doors, she noticed that everyone inside was dressed in formal business attire. She felt so small and unimportant in her jeans and shirt. She was thankful that her sister insisted that she bring her blazer with her. It at least added a bit of formality to her look. She felt like she was in the presence of people whose intelligence quotients could not be lower than 125.

Haru made her way to the third floor where she saw more smart-looking people, most of them wearing white coats over their suit. She tried not to chuckle when she concluded that the higher the floor, the higher the IQ was of the people on it.

She pushed open the glass door that had ‘Kronos Heaven’ frosted on it. She immediately took out her small notebook and pen from her jacket pocket and wrote down a few observations and impressions.


Haru was stunned when she turned and saw a tall and handsome young man walking towards her. He wore a white coat over his suit as well, but she found it interesting that he still somehow looked fashionable.

After deciding that perhaps it was probably because of his hair, she thought that it should be illegal to be good looking and intelligent—assuming that her higher-floor-higher-IQ theory was correct.

"Hajimemashite…” the man bowed. “Akanishi Jin desu. We are honored by your presence Miss…”
"Shiomi.” She finished for him. “Shiomi Haru desu. Hajimemashite*.”
"Of course, Shiomi-san. From Freestyle, ne?
"Hai. Sou desu.”

Haru wondered how he knew where she was from already.

"We’ve been expecting you.”


Miyuki arrived just in time. She thought that she would be late considering that she spent a longer time getting ready for work because of her partially sun burnt face.

After being welcomed by her new boss, she was told to look for the senior photographer who would mentor her for a couple of months before she is allowed to work on photo shoots alone.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu*…” she bowed.
"Ah! So you’re the new one!”

Her mentor, Aiba Masaki, looked exceptionally energetic and fun. And although he has already addressed her as Ohno-chan while introducing her to the other staff, it didn’t seem to bother her. She just hoped he wouldn’t shorten it to Oh-chan or he’d feel like she’s Satoshi.

"So you already have experience, ne?” Aiba-san assumed.
"Well, I don’t have experience as a magazine photographer, but I’ve been a photographer for different news publications since I graduated from university.”
"I see… May I ask why you left your job?”
"I didn’t really enjoy taking photos of crime scenes and politicians making their speeches. They rarely gave me opportunities to shoot for feature articles so I decided to leave.”
"And you’ve never worked anywhere else after that?”
"I worked in a photo studio for a while after that…”

Aiba-san nodded and watched her thoughtfully.

"I have a lot to teach you then…” he said seriously, but he seemed pleased of that fact. “Sore ja, let’s work hard starting today, ne?”
"Hai. I’ll do my best, senpai.”

The honorific brought a big smile to Aiba’s face and it made Miyuki feel even happier that she chose to take the job after consulting her boys about it.


Aiba-san held up his hands for a double high-five, and Miyuki eagerly obliged.


Akanishi led Haru through a maze of narrow hallways before stopping in front of a tinted glass door.

Haru watched as he inserted his fingers through a green jelly-like substance on the wall and say his name on the speaker above it.


The door opened and Haru followed him inside. It was a normal looking office room, but the furniture was very minimal. Akanishi motioned for her to take a seat on one of the capsule-like chairs then he disappeared into the other room.

Haru was writing down a few things again when Akanishi returned with another man garbed in a white coat. She thought that he was ridiculously good looking and began to feel suspicious about the company.

What’s with all the ikemen?

Haru stood up and bowed.

"Konnichiwa, Shiomi Haru-san,” the man greeted with a smile. “Kimura Takuya desu. Very nice to meet you…”

She felt her cheeks flush so she quickly bowed and muttered a ‘Nice to meet you’ back at him.

"Tomo-kun told me you might drop by…I didn’t expect it would be today, but we’re very happy you came.”


"Donata*?” she asked.
"Ah, gomen… Tomoya. Nagase Tomoya, your boss. We went to the same high school… I was his senior and I was held back a few years so we graduated together.”
"Oh… That’s nice. I didn’t know.”

He laughed heartily, tilting his head back and even bending backwards a little. Akanishi laughed along with him in the same manner, and they both abruptly stopped at the same time.

"That’s okay. We don’t really get along. We’re both doing this for selfish reasons and not to help each other out.”
"Ja…Follow me please.—Akanishi-kun, prepare the samples.”
"Hai. Right away, sir.”


Haru followed Kimura as Akanishi went to the opposite way. They entered a pristine white room with a big screen at the middle and a few of the capsule-like chairs again.

"Have a seat.”

Kimura switched open the screen and dimmed the lights. An intricate graphics of ‘Kronos Heaven’ appeared on the screen and a woman’s voice came from the presentation.

Single? Broken hearted? Have you had one bad apple after another and seem to be just plain out of luck when it comes to good men?

We want to help you…

We will help you find your ideal man… That one man who fits and meets your every need…every want...and every requirement.

The absolute boyfriend.

Haru raised her brows when she noticed that Kimura was animatedly lip-syncing to the presentation.

There is no need for sleepless nights of crying over undeserving men. No need to wait for the perfect man to come and sweep you off your feet!

We’ll give you your one true love… And with him, you would never cry over men ever again…

The lights flickered back on and an excited-looking Kimura-san stood in front of her.

"How was it? You don’t think it was too flashy? How was the introd—“
"Ano…Sumimasen, but I don’t understand what this is about.”

Kimura’s shoulders dropped and he looked crestfallen.

"Didn’t Tomo-kun show you the website? Don’t you know anything about us at all?”
"Well…Are you a matchmaking company of some sort? Because I did read your website but it didn’t really provide a good background about the company.”
"But you’re right. The background there was very lame, but that’s why you’re here with us, right?”

His enthusiasm frightened her.

"Come on! Let’s go!”

He skipped his way out of the room and Haru followed him again. They went inside another room where Akanishi was and she was told to sit in front of a computer.

"I was told you’ve never had a boyfriend.” Kimura said.
"Is it true?”
"Is it because you can’t find your perfect man?”

Haru was caught off-guard when he suddenly appeared beside her and his face was only inches away from hers. His curious eyes were making her nervous and annoyed at the same time.

"N-No, I—“
"Is it because you don’t want to cry over a guy?”
"What would you say if I could give you your perfect man?”

"Ano ne,” Haru answered in a tone higher and more forceful than she intended, causing Kimura to back off a little. “I’m not really looking for a boyfriend, Kimura-san.”
"Oh?” his face was very close to hers again. “But you are intrigued, aren’t you? You want to know how it could be possible that I can give you the perfect boyfriend…Ne?”

She didn’t answer and just looked back at him.

"Aren’t you?”

Haru thought for a while.

"Maybe.” She hesitated.

A wide and very satisfied smile appeared in his face after she said that.

"Well then…Akanishi-kun, douzo.”

Haru bit her lip anxiously and regretted her answer.



Miyuki woke up at the wrong side of the bed—or lounge chair—that morning, but things were turning around for her and she was glad.

For one, she adored her mentor. She thought that he was very endearing and she was sure that she is going to enjoy working with him. Also, she received a text message form one of her best friends that he was back from Seoul and that he wants to have dinner with her and Koki at his apartment.

Miyuki rang the doorbell and smiled when she was greeted by a familiar face.

“Kazu!” she squealed and opened her arms.

He laughed and gave her a hug before welcoming her in.

“Koki’s in the kitchen helping me cook.” He told her as she took off her shoes.

She followed him inside and saw that his bags were still unpacked and the living room was a bit messy. Miyuki laughed when she saw Koki. She still hasn’t gotten used to him wearing a suit for work. Although he wasn’t wearing the suit jacket anymore, she still can’t get over how he always looked like a yakuza in it.

"Don’t even start with me, Miyuki!” he said as he chopped the carrots. “I am armed and dangerous.”

Miyuki laughed again and patted his shoulder when she passed by him, even hissing a ‘waka’ (2) to him. Koki widened his eyes at her while holding the knife, only making Miyuki laugh harder.

"Calm down, Aniki.”(3) Kame said, putting an arm around him and patting his chest. “We’ve got ourselves some big fish to fry. Pun intended.”

Miyuki has known Koki and Kame since their first year at the university. It was about the same time she moved to Tokyo to live—take care—of her older brother, who shared his large condo unit with his friend whom Miyuki thinks is the “stingiest rich guy” in Japan.

Miyuki realized that she has been in the company of men for years and wondered if maybe that was one of the reasons why she is terrible in finding a good one for herself.

"Maybe I should get myself more lady friends, ne?” Miyuki said after sipping some wine.

The three of them had finished dinner and cleaning up and were now catching up for the three weeks that they were away from each other. Miyuki was glad that she finally got a chance to talk to them about her break-up with Yuto.

It had been hard keeping it to herself. The closest thing to venting out that she did was when she binged on cream puffs. But although she would not admit it, her little conversation with Nino did a better job in cheering her up than the cream puffs.

"What? You don’t like us anymore?” Kame asked with a feigned hurt expression.
"I’m surrounded by guys all the time, maybe there’s something wrong with me already.”
"Like, you’re turning into a man?” asked Koki. “You’ve always been a man.”
"Yeah, that’s why we became friends in the first place.”

Miyuki laughed, but she was truthfully worried about what was wrong with her. It bothered her that she could never seem to keep a relationship for very long even though things seem to be going well. She’s had a lot of relationships before, but she never had a boyfriend just for the sake of having one. She didn’t play around and picked anyone she liked.

Deep in her heart she loved the men—or boys—that she’s been with, even in the littlest ways. Love, for Miyuki, was a serious thing—and hence, she took it very seriously. She was always sincere about her feelings. She just can’t seem to find anyone with the same sincerity.

"I really liked him, you know.” She laughed bitterly as she gestured for Kame to pour more wine in her glass. “Yuto-kun, I mean… I really liked him.”
"Sou desu ka*?”
'I think I might even be really in love with him.”

The tears that she has been holding on to were now threatening to fall from her eyes. She downed the entire glass of wine and sighed.

"But what’s love, anyway? Right?” she said. “I’m not even sure I still know what it is.”

She covered her face with her hands and let herself cry as her two best friends sandwiched her in a tight embrace.


(1) What is love?
(2) Waka is short for waka-gashira. This is the term for someone who is second in command in a Yakuza family. If you’ve seen ‘My Boss My Hero’, Nagase Tomoya is called this by his men.
(3) Aniki is a term Yakuza’s use to address someone who is of higher rank than himself. You’ve probably heard this a lot of times in Gokusen.

*Edit : translations (...because I didn't realize I used a lot of Jap words and assumed that everyone knew what they meant. Lol. I picked onlt the not so common ones to translate.) If you need helo with other words, go here.

Yabai -awful, bad, terrible, amazing...In this fic it's like "This is bad!"
Yokatta - good, "That's good". (something like that XD)
Genkan - entrance way of a home (you know, in Jap houses it's immediately after the front door where you leave the shoes and all. ^^)
Nande - "Why?" (casual)
Shitsurei shimasu - "Pardon my going first..." > Say this to be polite that you are going to do something even before you are given the permission to do so...like, going inside a person's house or your boss' office when he calls for you.
Yonde kudasai - Please read.
Doushite - "Why?" (more polite or formal)
Donata - "Who?" (more polite or formal)
Hajimemashite - Something like, "It's nice to meet you." I believe it's said when meeting someone for the first time.
Yoroshiku onegasihimasu - What you say after introducing yourself, means something like. "Please take care of me" or "Regard me kindly"

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i_am_zani_am_zan on August 5th, 2009 02:10 pm (UTC)
I just watched the drama and I had read the manga many years ago! So It is intriguing. The premise is promising and only hope I have the time to keep up with the story. ^_^

... although hmmm there is rather a lot of Japanese in there. Whilst I can understand the use of honorifics and some terms, even the use of some onomatopoeia, I think too many might be annoying for those whose grasp of the language is not ideal.

Also I had always thought that Aniki was a term for brother and not specifically for yakuza. Mind you this is the first time I have seen it in reference to yakuza. The only familial term I associate with yakuza is 'oyabun' which has roots in meaning father, likening it to mafia boss as in 'godfather'.

I have not seen Gokusen nor, My Boss My Hero, sorry I'm new-ish to this you see. Ahh well don't mind me.

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happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 6th, 2009 01:34 am (UTC)
Ahaha...Thank you very much for reading this.

I will keep that in mind. I'll reserve the use of Japanese terms for lines that would be more emphasized when in Japanese. XD I'll make sure to translate the Japanese I used here though. ^^

Aniki is a term for a brother and I guess Yakuza's use it more often than "oniisan" since it sounds tougher. LOL.

I suggest you watch My Boss My Hero! I loved it! And every episode of Gokusen 1 and 2 just made me cry for some reason. Haha.

Thank you for the comment dearie!
purple.torishyathetagal13 on August 5th, 2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
This looks so promising. I love how you incorporated so many JE boys in. Cant wait to read more. And i oso like the banner very much.

And i_am_zan is correct in saying that Aniki is just a term for brothers. If you watch Ryusei no Kizuna, they also use the term sometimes. Lolx.
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 6th, 2009 01:36 am (UTC)
Yeah, I watched that too. And I liked how Ryo calls Nino that. LOL.

I hope to post another chapter soon.

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