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26 August 2009 @ 02:37 pm
Absolute Boyfriend 2.0 - Chapter 3  

Absolute Boyfriend 2.0
Characters: Arashi, KAT-TUN, OCs, and various special guest appearances from other famous people
Pairing/s: Nino/OC, Sho/OC (more to come)
Summary: Miyuki has had one bad relationship after another, while Haru has never been in one. Both are given a chance to have their ideal boyfriend--only they're not human.
A/N: If you have seen Zettai Kareshi or if you have read the manga, then you'll msot likely understand what this is about. I changed the plot, ofcourse, so this would be different from both the manga and the drama. I was inspired by the two media, and you might see bits and pieces of information that I have taken from them just so this would really have the feel of a Zettai Kareshi part 2 (with Johnny's boys as the main characters XD).
Disclaimer: I do not own ZettaI Kareshi (drama/manga) in anyway, nor do I own the Johnny's boys--except for one (LOL). I own the plot and the OCs. Some characters from the original Zettai Kareshi are mentioned, but I do not own them either. ^^

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 |

Chapter 3 – Hajimemashite, Kanojo…

Haru could not sleep well last night and so she was still groggy at six in the morning, even though that was her usual time of waking up.

She could hear her sister talking to her about how difficult school was this term, but she could not give her a good enough advice or reaction. Her brain was still dead. How Haru managed to eat breakfast, moreover cook it, she didn’t know.

“Anyway, I’ll be home late tonight so you don’t have to bother with saving me some dinner.” Chiyo told her.

Haru vaguely remembered saying ‘itte rasshai*’ and even waving goodbye, but it could also be just her imagination. Even after she heard the door close, she still remained in her trance-like state.

A sharp knock suddenly came from the door.

Haru snapped out of her trance ad saw that her bowl was already empty and she had finished eating all the tamagoyaki that Chiyo left. She heard the knock again.

“Hai, hai… Hold on…”

The first thing that she noticed when she saw the profile of the man behind the door was his nose. It wasn’t very large, but it was the first thing that caught her eye. She shook her head just as he looked at her and smiled.

“Ohayou gozaimasu!” he said while trying to make his hair stick up. “Shiomi Haru-san? I have a delivery for you.”
“If you’ll just sign here, please…”

He handed her the clipboard and pointed at where she should sign.

“What delivery is this? Are you sure it’s for me? I don’t remember ordering anything… ” she said before signing.
“Apparently you did order something. And it’s a very large and very heavy package too so please don’t ask me to take it back, okay?

He talked to someone on the walkie talkie and in a few minutes, a couple of uniformed men were bringing up a very large metal package.

“Oi! Yoko! Shingo! Be careful with that!” the man scolded the other two. “Trust me, ten years worth of your salary put together is not even close to how much you need to pay if you break it.”
“What? Hey, we are both older than you! Show some respect!” one of them answered.
“Let’s see you carry it then!” the other one butt in.
“That’s enough, part-timers! I’m the senior delivery personnel here.”

The two men grunted as they carried the package down from the cart. Haru’s eyes widened when she saw just how big the entire thing was.

“Wait! Where is this from?”

The spiky haired man smiled forcefully and pointed to his nameplate.

“Nakamaru Yuichi, Special Delivery Service, Kronos Heaven…” he said. “I just deliver, okay? Call the office if you have problems. Jaa!”

He started scolding the two other men as they walked away. Haru, on the other hand, was frozen at the door post.

“K-Kronos Heaven?”


Miyuki clicked her tongue when she heard Satoshi and Nino’s voices from the living room. She had hoped that they would still be sleeping before she left for work.

She hugged her bag and started to slowly and quietly walk down the hall, careful not to make any sound.

When she reached the dining area, she saw that the breakfast she prepared remained untouched and Nino has somehow convinced her brother to play Wii early in the morning. If it had happened under usual circumstances, she would have scolded them for playing and being noisy. But today, Miyuki wanted to be stealth. She hunched down to make herself less noticeable.

She held her breath and tiptoed pass the dining room while praying that they don’t suddenly turn and catch her sneaking out.


Miyuki yelped and thought that she had been discovered.

“What are you doing?”
“You can’t do that! It’s not allowed!”
“Says who?”
“What do you mean ‘says who’? I play this—Miyuki?”
“You play this Miyuki? I thought you call this a ‘we’.”

She sighed and straightened up. She had been discovered.

“What?” she asked in her best nonchalant tone. Nino looked at her from head to toe. Satoshi turned to her as well.
“Ah, Miyuki! Good morning!”
“Good morning. Stop playing and eat breakfast, Oniisan. I’m off.” She said quickly and rushed to the genkan.
“Hey, wait!”

She was ready to rush out with her shoes but Nino joined her in the genkan. Satoshi sluggishly followed him. She clicked her tongue again and decided to just put on her shoes.

“Where…are you going?” Nino asked.

Miyuki looked up at him and saw that he had that evil smirk on his face again. She tried to keep a straight and unaffected face as she tied her shoelaces.

“Where do you think?”
“Jogging?” he answered. She narrowed her eyes and fought the urge to put a shoe into his mouth. Satoshi echoed a ‘Jogging?’ and studied Miyuki after what Nino said. She stood up and smiled at Satoshi.
“I’ll be back to make dinner, Oniisan.’
“Okay, itte ra—“
“Wait, so you are jogging?” Nino interrupted. She can tell that he was trying to stifle his laughter.

Before she could lose her temper, Miyuki opened the door—just in time to see that Kame was about to knock.

“Oh, cool. Just in time. Good morning, Miyuki!”

Miyuki turned to Nino and glared at him.

“If you must know, I have something to do with the Kazu that I love.” she said sarcastically. “IT-TE-KI-MA-SU!*”

And with that, she slammed the door.


“Hai, thanks a lot Taguchi-san.”

Haru closed her phone and looked at the big metal package before her again. She had called Junno to tell him that she won’t be coming to work that day, in case someone asks where she is. Of course she had to make up an excuse for Junno to report, but she was sure that Nagase-san would understand if she tells him the real reason for her absence.

She bit her lip and knelt down in front of the Kronos Heaven delivery.

Could this be it?

Carefully, she unlocked the package and the sound of air escaping from inside made Haru move away a little. She remembered a frightening scene from a mummy movie.

This feels like bringing Imhotep back from the underworld.

Haru slowly lifted the lid and inside she saw a large figure covered in bubble wrap. At the corner was a thick black book which she assumed was the user’s manual—just like the ones that come with a newly bought cellular phone.

She looked at the bubble wrapped figure. It was lying in the fetal position. Haru felt even more nervous when she was able to make out its arm from under the wrap.

This isn’t even a real person and I’m already feeling foolish!

She looked at it again.

That’s a very nice arm though…

Haru was taken aback by her own thought. She slapped herself and shook the thought away. After calming herself down, she decided to remove the figure from the bubble wrap—maybe even have fun popping the bubble wrap after. But just as she had pulled away a small part of it, she gasped.

Why is he naked??

She stood up and rushed to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. She finished the entire glass and looked back at the open case.

“Can’t these things come with an outfit? Even Ken came with at least one set of clothes for crying out loud! And even new cell phones come with a casing!”

She walked back to the package and placed her hands on her hips, unsure of what to do. She felt slightly irritated now.

“They should have at least given you some underwear.”

She sighed and sat down beside the box again. She thought it best to read the manual before she does anything else. She wouldn’t want to do something careless and break it on the first day. Nagase-san would kill her. Kimura would also be all up in her face if that happened.

“Alright…Let’s see how this works…”


It might have been because she was wearing a tracksuit and running shoes that Miyuki was able to walk as fast as she had after slamming the door. She would like to think that it was because her senpai’s energy was rubbing off on her already, but the former was the more probable reason of course.

Instead of taking the elevator, she took the stairs to the ground floor to blow off some steam. After all the running and walking she did with Aiba in between photo shoots, climbing down eight flights of stairs was nothing.

She was already outside the building when she realized that Kame had been following her.

“What is with you today? You never take the stairs…” he said as he panted and wiped the sweat of his brow.
“Sorry, I forgot you were there…”

Miyuki started to walk again and Kame walked beside her as he tried to return his breathing to normal.

“What was that about anyway?”
“Nandemonai…* I was just trying to sneak out. I didn’t want them to see me like this.” She said with a laugh. “I know that Nino would tease me if he ever saw me in this so I wanted to leave before they woke up. He still caught me though.”
“Well, he’s Nino Almighty.”

Miyuki laughed heartily.

All mighty stingy you mean.

She did not understand why Nino had to live with her brother. Miyuki was well aware that he could afford his own condominium unit or a small apartment at the very least. His level of stinginess, she thought, was far beyond her comprehension.

“Why are you dressed like that, might I ask?” her friend asked her.
“I told you about Aiba-senpai, right? Well, it turns out that he has more energy and enthusiasm than a 5-year-old with ADHD. So now I have to keep up with him, being his junior and all. Not that I’m complaining…It’s kind of fun actually.”
“Wow…For a second there you sounded like Ninomiya-san.”
“Also, if you tie your hair differently and wear glasses, you’d look like that yakuza teacher on TV. What’s her name? Yama—Yanku—“
“Ah, that’s right! Yankumi!”

Kame started yelling ‘Yankumi’ like he was calling the yakuza teacher for help.

“You’re embarrassing, Kazuya.”
“Don’t you mean ‘Kazu that I love’?” he said with a laugh.
“Ne, does that mean that Ninomiya-san is the ‘Kazu that you loathe’?”

She stopped walking and faced Kame.

“He’s just Nino.” She smirked. “He’s always been Nino.”
“Mm-hmm… I remember you never used honorifics on him too.”
“That’s because he’s Nino.” She said again, and Kame looked confused. “Thank you for your perfect timing, by the way.”
“I was on the losing end already and if it wasn’t for you, Nino would have said something witty like he usually does.”

She hated when he won.

“Why did you come over, Kazu? I forgot to ask you.”
“I wanted to get the papers I gave you the other night.”
“Ah, the papers, yes.”

She pulled out the envelope from her bag and handed it to him. She managed to keep it wrinkle free inside the sling bag that she used today.

“You don’t have to thank me.” She smiled. “Just buy me a box of creampuffs and we’ll call it even.”

They shook hands to seal their little agreement and then they started to walk again. Miyuki thought that her shoes were really comfy and she was seriously considering wearing it to work every day. But that would mean she’d either have to sneak out every morning or fight with Nino when he says something about it—and she thought that both were too troublesome so she scratched the idea.

“Just promise me you’re not asking for cream puffs to binge on while you’re sulking.” Kame said suddenly.

Miyuki just laughed and nodded.

“I only did it once! What was I supposed to do? My best friends were out of town.” She grinned. “Besides, I have no reason to sulk anymore.”

Kame nodded and smiled back.

“And Kou-chan and I will make sure that you won’t sulk over some jerk again.” He told her. In a low whisper he added, “It won’t be long now. We’ll get him for you, Miyu. You’ll see.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

He shook his head and walked ahead of Miyuki, skipping a little.



“Where did I put those things?”

Haru rummaged inside her closet for the clothes her brother left there the last time that he went for a visit.

“Yatta!” she exclaimed. “I hope this fits him though.”

She grabbed one of her large towels and went back to the living room where her robot lover was still inactivated. Haru took the manual for the corner and started flipping the pages.

“Alright… Starting up…”

Remove the robot from the box.

“Yeah right, like I can carry that thing out of the box.”

Lift the right arm of the robot and place your palm against the robot’s palm.

“That’s easier. I’ll try that.”

Haru knelt beside the box again and placed the manual beside her so she can perform the instructions as she reads it. She lifted the bubble wrap and folded it to one side. Hesitantly, she took the robot by the wrist and lifted the arm up with her left hand.

Haru was able to see the robot’s face clearer after doing so and she felt herself blush. She had chosen the face herself, but seeing it right before her eyes was different. He looked very real. She shook her head and told herself to concentrate.

She looked at the manual again.

“…place your palm against the robot’s palm...”

She looked at the limp hand and felt nervous again.

“It’s a robot’s hand, Haru. Get a hold of yourself.”

She switched hands so that her right was holding the wrist up. And after breathing deeply, she slid her left hand on the robot’s palm until its fingers were straight and their palms fit snugly together. The hand was surprisingly warm.

She looked down at the manual again.

“Eh? What’s next?”

Nothing else followed the second instruction. Haru intertwined her fingers with the robot’s so that she can still hold the arm up while her right hand flipped the pages on the manual.

“That’s it?” she said as she skimmed the succeeding pages. “What am I supposed to do next?”

Suddenly, something lit up on the robot’s chest. Looking closer, Haru realized that it was a necklace. The pendant was rectangular and very slim and it looked like it was made of a glassy material. It was blinking softly. Before she could look at the manual again to see why it was happening, she froze.

Slowly, she felt the robot’s fingers folding down on her hands.

She quickly looked at the hand and then at the necklace. The pendant was completely lit now, and the robot was holding her hand back. She wanted to pull her hand away but she could not get herself to do it. Haru couldn’t move.

The robot slowly opened its eyes and sat up. It blinked slowly and looked at the surroundings until his eyes finally landed on the petrified Haru. It blinked again, and then it saw that she was holding its hand. The robot looked at Haru’s face and for a few seconds, it was like he was taking in some data. All that Haru could do was stare.

A smile slowly formed across the robot’s face as it looked deep into Haru’s eyes—almost like it could see her soul.

“Hajimemashite…” it said in a low, but gentle voice. “Kanojo…”


If he could have it his way, NInomiya Kazunari would not be working for his mother in their company. If he could have it his way, he’d be home reading or studying magic while Ohno teleports into his own world or goes fishing. If he could have it his way, he wouldn’t write another song for Ueda Tatsuya, and if he could have it his way, the man would not even be signed with their company anymore.

He and his manager are just too much of a bother.

If he could have it his way. But sometimes some things just won’t go his way.

“Alright, Tat-chan let’s take it from the top.” Nino said in a calm voice.

What usually took only two hours max, now took twice as long to accomplish because of the endless comments that Ueda’s manager had about the song. This only adds to the endless comments that Ueda had about how he should sing the song.

Nino was relieved when Ueda started singing again without any further complaints. They had been working on the first stanza for two hours already. Nino closed his eyes and prayed that there’d be no more comments until they finish to the chorus.

Ueda often insists that something was missing in the song but he ‘can’t put his finger on it’.

Again, if Nino could have it his way, Ueda wouldn’t even have fingers anymore. At least then, Nino would understand when Ueda says that he ‘can’t put his finger on it’ and he wouldn’t feel so frustrated.

“That was fantastic, thank you.” Nino said after the talent finally completed one song. “Let’s take a little break and then we’ll start recording the next song.”

Immediately after saying that, he stepped out and made his way to the restroom. Today, he had less tolerance for almost everything that required his extra patience.

He opened the faucet and splashed some water onto his face. Looking at himself in the mirror he winced as he remembered what happened that morning.

“I hate it when she says that.”

He pulled out some paper towels and dried his face.

“Such a mood killer.”

He liked winning their little bouts, and he used to always win them. But Miyuki has picked up on his sarcasm and quick wit and this turned his chances of winning to a meager 85%.

After Miyuki says those four words, he goes blank and he becomes unable to come up with a snarky remark. He was only fortunate that she has not fully grasped the power of those four words and it is not yet often that she can use those words against him.

“If I could have it my way, she won’t be able to use those four words in the same sentence again…” Nino said to himself as he pushed the restroom door open. “…unless she’s talking about me.”


Punching a stranger who suddenly hugs her was often Haru’s initial reaction so it should not have surprised her when she did just that after the robot locked her in his ‘nice’ arms after saying hello.

She was a bit worried that she had broken it, but her worry disappeared as she felt the throbbing pain on her fist. It felt like she punched a concrete wall with only a thin glove to protect her hand. The robot barely even flinched.

The next thing she knew, she has already locked herself inside her room and was frantically trying to call Kimura.

“Come on, pick up!”

She heard a knock.


Haru gasped and ran to her bed.

“Pick up, Kimura-san!” she hissed on the phone.

”Kanojo? Are you alright in there?”

She heard a click on the other end and she quickly held her phone with both hands as if someone as going to take it from her.

“Moshi moshi! Kimura desu!”
“Kimura-san! This is Shiomi.”
“Oh! Shiomi-san! So nice of you to call! Did you receive the—“
“As a matter of fact, I did! And he is now naked and knocking on my bedroom door!”
“Fantastic! Did you name him yet?

Haru made a face.

“Fantastic? What do—and no, I didn’t name him. Why should I?” she said impatiently.
“Well, he is your boyfriend, is he not? He doesn’t have a name yet so you have to think of one. It’s in the manual. I thought you’d read it.”
“I did read it.” She said as she rolled her eyes. “I read it from cover to cover and it did not say anything about naming it. Your starting-up instructions went only until number two!”
“He’s supposed to say ‘Hajimemashite’ and then he’ll ask for your name, and then you’ll give him a name. Basic introduction.”

”Kanojo? Are you mad? Is it because I embraced you?”

“Kimura-san, what am I supposed to do with this thing?”
“That thing is your boyfriend, Shiomi-san. You’re not supposed to do anything with it. Just let it be your boyfriend and go with the flow.”

”Kanojo? Gomen nasai… I’m sorry I embraced you. Please come out.”

“Kimura-san, isn’t there a how-to book that comes with this?”


“How to?” Kimura-san laughed haughtily, and it made Haru frown. “I know that you’ve never done this before, but there is no ‘how to be a girlfriend’ to your zettai kareshi.”

Haru sighed and looked towards the door. She can still hear the robot’s voice even though he was speaking softer now—almost pleading.

“Just be yourself.” Kimura advised. “He was designed for you. It will work out.”

Kimura-san hung up after that and Haru just stared at her phone. There was soft knock on the door, but the robot didn’t say anything. She thought that he was starting to get annoying already, but she felt a little bad when he started to sound sad.

“Why did I even agree to this…”

She walked over to the door and opened it. The robot was looking down and his shoulders were stooped. When Haru cleared her throat, the robot stood straight and became bright eyed.

“Stop calling me that.” She said sternly. “My name is Haru, okay?”

He smiled and his eyes softened as he did so. He nodded and looked as if he was taking in some ‘Haru data’ again.

“I like your name.” he said.

Haru was almost about blush but then she realized that he was still naked. She screamed and slammed the door on his face.

“Would you cover yourself up?” she yelled. “Clothes! There are clothes in the living room! Get dressed!”
“Hai. I understand.”

She heard him walk away. Haru breathed deeply and fanned herself as she tried to erase the image of the naked figure from her mind.


He had a nice abdomen too.

Haru slapped herself—harder than intended—for the second time that day and it caused her to yelp. She shook her head and vowed to close her eyes before opening the door again. She is not ready to see a naked man. Not even a naked robot.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door again. Haru pressed her ear against the door and listened for any sound. After hesitating for a few seconds, she finally opened the door and saw a now fully-dressed robot that was smiling at her.

“I like the clothes. Thank you.” he told her. “How do I look?”

Haru looked at him from head to toe. He was only wearing a sweatshirt and jeans but she thought that no one has ever looked as good in those clothes as him. She looked down to hide her blush.

“It’s okay.” She managed to utter.
“You’re very nice to get these clothes for me.”
“It’s…my brother’s.” she said.

The robot just kept smiling and blinked a couple of times.

“Ne, Haru…”

She looked up and the robot was still smiling.

“What’s my name?”


Thanks to her running shoes and the warm up exercise that morning, Miyuki had no problems keeping up with Aiba that day. They had to go to three photo shoots in three different locations with three different themes.

In one of the shoots, Miyuki tried not to be so star struck when she found out that they would be shooting with her favorite actor. She tried very hard to be professional and concentrate on work, but she had to excuse herself a few times so she can go to the bathroom and flail. She made sure, however, that she was calm and well-mannered when she went back out.

She sighed as she closed Aiba's laptop bag. They had wrapped up the day’s last shoot and have also finished packing up all their equipment. It was time to go home. If she hurries, she can stop by the supermarket and buy the ingredients for a pasta dish that she wants to try.

“Otsukare*, Ohno-chan!”

Miyuki smiled at her senpai and nodded.

“Otsukaresamadeshita.” She answered. “Today was great, senpai.”
“Isn’t it? You did a good job in keeping up today, too. You’re slowly getting the hang of this.”
“Really? Do you think so?”

Just as he was about to answer, his cell phone rang. Miyuki picked up her bag and some of the lighter equipment and waited for Aiba who excused himself to take the call.

“Ohno-chan, gomen.”
“Huh? Why?”

Aiba kept his phone in his pocket and shoved the bangs away from his face and crossed his arms.

“I just got a call from a client. Can you go to one more shoot with me?”
“It’s not a complicated shoot and the place is not far from here so it won’t take very long. All the others have gone home so…”

She checked her watch and looked at Aiba. She figured Satoshi could survive on his own tonight anyway.

“It’s alright.”
“Yosh!” he exclaimed with a fist in the air. “Let’s go!”

Aiba picked up the heavier equipment and made his way out of the studio. Miyuki took out her phone and quickly typed a message for her brother.

Sato-nii, something came up at work. I won’t be home to make dinner after all. You’ll be fine, ne? Don’t wait up for me. I’ll just make it up to you tomorrow. :-)


Haru was not sure if it was a good idea to leave the robot alone in the house, but she just had to get out for some fresh air. After going to Night’s for a nice treat, she stopped by a surplus shop to look for something else that the robot can wear.

She didn’t want him walking around in his birthday clothes again—even if he happened to have a perfectly toned physique—especially if Chiyo was around.

Haru stopped in her tracks.

“Wah! Chiyo!”

Haru ran as quickly as she could. She had been gone for hours and she had been so disturbed by the robot’s sudden appearance that she forgot about her sister. She needed to get rid of the Kronos Heaven box in their living room.

And how in the world am I going to explain about that robot?!

She made a sharp turn at the corner of the building and swiftly ran up the stairs to their floor. After almost stumbling on her feet and dropping a few shopping bags, she made it to their apartment.


Panting, Haru eyed the vicinity but didn’t see her sister anywhere. The Kronos Heaven box was not in their living room anymore but she found the manual on the table.

“Haru, okaeri*!”

She turned and saw the robot emerging from the kitchen holding a bowl of Oyakodon. He grinned and showed it to her.

“I cooked this for you because I know you’d be hungry when you get back. You like this food, right?” he said cheerfully.

Haru laughed uncomfortably and walked past him to check the other rooms. She dropped the shopping bags on the floor and looked inside the bathroom and bedroom. All the while, a smiling figure followed her—still holding the hot bowl of food he prepared.

“What are you looking for?” he asked her. “Can I help?”

She ignored him and went to the kitchen. She was flabbergasted at the sight.

“I’ll clean up the kitchen later, I promise.”

After she was certain that Chiyo was not yet home, she gave out a sigh of relief and walked back to the living room. She sat down by the table and the figure joined her. It placed the Oyakodon in front of her.

“Please eat, Haru.”
“I’m glad Chiyo isn’t here yet…”
“Chiyo? Who is Chiyo?”

The robot tilted its head to one side and observed Haru who breathed in deeply and fanned herself as she breathed out.

“Is Chiyo…a man?”

Haru looked at the robot and noticed that he seemed concerned. His voice was also lower when he asked the question.

“Chiyo is my sister,” she said plainly.

The robot blinked and smiled.

“Yokatta.—Hai, please eat.”

He handed her the spoon and Haru casually took it.

“Did you make this?”
“Hai! I made this with my love for you, Haru.”

She grimaced and chomped the Oyakodon. The robot scooted itself beside her and gleefully watched her eat.

Well it’s not the best I’ve had, but it’s not bad…But that mess in the kitchen! He literally cooked up a storm in there! Was this thing really designed for me?

Haru’s thoughts were disrupted when she saw the robot frowning for the first time.

Eh? He can’t read minds can he?

When it noticed that Haru was looking, his frown softened into a smile. Gently, the robot took Haru’s hand and ran his thumb on her red knuckles. Haru winced a little, and he saw this.

“Does it hurt?” he asked softly. “Are you hurt because of me?”

The figure placed its other hand over hers and looked her in the eyes.

“Forgive me…”
“What are you talking about?”

She snatched her hand away and continued to chomp on the Oyakodon. Her heart was hammering inside her chest and she could feel the blood rushing to her face. It was hard to chew with her mouth so full, but it was a good cover up for her reddening face.

“What are these?”

The robot had noticed the shopping bags beside him. He took one of the bags and looked at Haru like he was a child asking for permission. When she did not oppose, he looked inside and pulled out the contents one by one. They were the clothes that she had bought for him.

The robots eyes widened. While holding one of the shirts from the bag, he turned to Haru with big, teary eyes.

“Are these…for me?”

Haru was a little surprised—and moved—by his reaction. She swallowed the food in her mouth and shrugged.

“I don’t want you walking around with no clothes on, okay?”

He looked at the shirt he was holding before smiling at Haru again.

“Haru is so thoughtful…” he said. “Arigatou.”
“I won’t wash those for you though. You’d have to wash your own clothes, you hear?”
“Hai. I understand.”

He held the shirt against his chest and looked happy with it. He looked at the other clothes as well and Haru did not realize that she was smiling as she watched him.

When its necklace suddenly glowed, the robot dropped the clothes and gazed at Haru.

“May I embrace Haru?”
“Is it okay to embrace you now?”

Truthfully, Haru did not want to object. When the robot held her earlier that day, she didn’t completely hate it. She’d be lying if she says that she didn’t think it felt good to be embraced by him. And since he asked for her permission first, she thought it was rather sweet.

When she didn’t say anything, the robot moved closer and opened his arms.



Apparently I can't lessen my Japanese usage. I tried though. So now here are some definitions for those who might not know.

*Itte kimasu – means “I am going and coming back”, usually said when someone is leaving. The person who is left behind usually says, “Iterasshai” (Go and come back).
*Itte rasshai – see ‘itte kimasu’. ^^
*Nandemonai – means “It’s nothing.” or just “Nothing.”
*Abunai – something like, “Look out!” or “That’s dangerous.”
*Otsukaresamadeshita – or just “Otsukare”, a phrase that is usually said after a day’s work meaning “Good job”
*Okaeri – greeting for someone who arrives home, it means “Welcome back” and is usually an answer to “Tadaima” (I’m back or I’m home)

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And woo hoo! We have ourselves a robot.
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 26th, 2009 09:00 am (UTC)

Well he doesn't really show it very well most of the time. XD

And yes! A robot! Yay!
purple.torishyathetagal13 on August 26th, 2009 08:38 am (UTC)
I knew it! Nino likes Miyuki! Hahax... Cant wait for more things to happen to them.

Haru should name the robot soon. Then at least i can picture a face to go along with the story. lolx.

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more =)
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 26th, 2009 09:02 am (UTC)
Hahaha... Yeah, you guessed it right.

I'm still trying to figure out how she'll come up with a name, but hopefully by the next chapter he has a name already. Haha.
tokidoki_samatokidoki_sama on August 26th, 2009 09:20 am (UTC)
Ok seriously... I REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT ROBOT THAT WAS!!! *crosses fingers for Sho* hehe... my bias is showing again... Everytime it started getting really interesting you changed the scene to the other girl!!! XDDD But that's ok... that happened for both sides of the story... so it's a good thing I guess cuz I keep getting really interested! =D

I can't express how much I really love this fic! I can't wait till the next update! :D
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 26th, 2009 10:29 am (UTC)
Hahaha... Everyone seems to really like the idea of a robot Sho. XD

I'm glad you find things interesting.

Thanks for reading again Toki-chan. ^^
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Yay, robot!!! I SOOOOO love you for this, Boss. Haha. I'll never forget how I was flailing while reading this during work and before work earlier. xD

Really cant't wait for the next part. &hearts
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Yay! I'm glad that you loved the robot scenes. It's fun to flail. Haha. I'm making up for the times that I flailed over your Nino character. Haha.

I hope I get "unstuck" soon. I want to make an early update. Haha.
Chikachika1611 on August 26th, 2009 03:31 pm (UTC)
No name for the robot....???
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 26th, 2009 04:09 pm (UTC)
Haha. XD Well he hasn't been named yet. But he soon will be, so just wait for it. ^^
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happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 27th, 2009 04:00 am (UTC)
Hahaha... That was also the original plan, but there were a few changes. XD

I am very happy that you enjoyed reading this one.

Nino doesn't really show his feelings very well so it's okay that you didn't notice. Some readers are just experts in reading the Nino vibe I guess. Haha.

The other robot will hopefully make its appearance soon. ^^

Thank you for the comment!
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happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on August 31st, 2009 08:03 am (UTC)
Hahah... Well I'm glad that it's coming out well. It's a bit hard to get my ideas across sometimes. Haha. I am very glad you recognize the Japanese.

Ganbatte on your classes. I have to do my best too. They're throwing more kanji at us. Lol.