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20 January 2010 @ 11:23 am
One-shot - With Nino - 3am  

Title: With Nino
Fandom: JE/Arashi
Pairing/s: Nino/OC
Summary: Still no summary here, but I guess the cut text gives a hint as to what it's about. ^^
A/N: Part 2 of the Nino One-shot series that I'm trying to make. As usual, comments and criticisms are appreciated. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Part 2: 3am

It had only been an hour since he went to bed when his phone started to ring. He assumed it wasn’t his girlfriend since she never calls that late, so he was surprised when he saw her name on the screen.

“Is something wrong?” He asked as soon as he answered.

He heard her sigh but she didn’t answer.

“Sorry, I just had a really bad dream and felt the need to call you.”
“It’s fine. Are you alright?”
“Yes. I’m alright now.”

He wasn’t able to stifle a yawn. It had been a long day and his body was yearning for some much needed sleep.

“You want to tell me about it?” He asked as he closed his eyes.
“No…I just…It’s okay. I’ll call you tomorrow. Goodnight, Nino.”

She hung up after that and Nino was thankful that he could finally go back to sleep, relieved even, that she didn’t prolong the conversation. He closed his phone and buried his face on the pillow but, after fifteen minutes, he found himself still awake and now wanting to call her.

With a frustrated grunt he reached for his phone again and dialed her number. Sure enough, she was still awake.

“Nino? What’s wrong?”
“Hey…” He said and sighed. “You okay?”
“Yes, I told you so didn’t I? Are you alright?”
“I’m really tired but I can’t sleep.”
“Try counting sheep.”
“That won’t work.”
“Shiritori then.”
“Let’s play shiritori until you fall asleep.”

He groaned and hid his face under the warmth of his blanket.

“Fine. You start.”
“Okay. Nooto.”
“Mo? Momo!”
“Yeah. The fruit, not the color.”
“What lame words you come up with.”
“Just answer already!”
“Moderu!” He snapped.
“Ru…retto! Ruretto!”
“You’re getting hyped up with this. It’s supposed to make me sleepy! And why is it ‘to’ again?”
“What? Why?”
“Can’t you use another word?”
“You’re better at words than me so stop complaining already. Geez.”

He sighed deeply and smiled. Just listening to her speak was relaxing him.

“Tonari.” He replied.
“Eew. I hate cockroaches.”
“I know.”
“Why is it ‘ri’ again?”
“You used ‘to’ twice didn’t you?”

His yawn was stopped by a chuckle. He was ready to go back to sleep now.

“Ah, yatta! It’s working!”
“What is?”
“Shiriroti plan is working! You’re getting sleepy already.”
“No, I’m not.” He said while yawning.

It was her turn to chuckle now.

“You had better get some rest now. You still have another long day tomorrow. Work starts at 7, right?”
“Yeah… How about you? Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yes. How many times do you want to ask me that?” She said irritably. “I was alright the moment you asked me what was wrong.”
“Tsk. And here I was worrying about you.”
“Aww, sweetie…” She said in a higher tone. “You were worried?”
“You couldn’t sleep because you were worried?”
“No, and don’t call me sweetie.”

She yawned.

“Okay, sweetie. Call me tomorrow?”
“Yeah. Around this time, maybe?”
“Good luck with that.”

They said goodnight at the same time and Nino fell asleep as soon as he hung up.

Shiritori - A chain word game where you say a word that starts with the last syllable/character of the word of the person before you. xD For a clearer explanation please click on HERE.

*nooto – notebook
*tomo – pal
*momo – peach; momo iro – pink
*moderu – model
*Ruretto – Roulette
*ringo – apple
*gokiburi - cockroach

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KAREN: png: aiba masaki.xkaygee on January 20th, 2010 07:28 am (UTC)
*nooto – notebook
*totemo – very
*momo – peach; momo iro – pink
*moderu – model
*Ruretto – Roulette
*ringo – apple
*gokiburi - cockroach

Oh the Japanese words we learn through Arashi.
They're so educational, ne. :D
I really like this format!~
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on January 20th, 2010 11:20 am (UTC)
Teehee... Yes, they are.

I'm glad you like it. ^^ I'm going to post a third one. Haha. But I'm a bit lazy to do it right now.