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13 May 2010 @ 03:31 pm
Absolute Boyfriend 2.0 - CHAPTER 8  

Title: Absolute Boyfriend 2.0
Characters: Arashi, KAT-TUN, OCs, and various special guest appearances from other famous people
Pairing/s: Nino/OC, Sho/OC, Junno/OC, Jun/OC
Summary: Miyuki has had one bad relationship after another, while Haru has never been in one. Both are given a chance to have their ideal boyfriend--only they're not human.
Disclaimer: I do not own ZettaI Kareshi (drama/manga) in anyway, nor do I own the Johnny's boys--except for one (LOL). I own the plot and the OCs. Some characters from the original Zettai Kareshi are mentioned, but I do not own them either. ^^
A/N: OH MY GAH . I apologize for being dead for a long time. xDD But, as promised to those who support this comm, we are coming back. Please be patient with us. Haha. This was fun to write but it was lso a bit hard for me especially after I got hooked on RPG. Please do tell me what you think of the chapter. Comments and constructive criticism are always greatly appreciated. Yoroshiku!

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Chapter 8 – Normal

Haru wasn’t sure, but she was stressed the day that Sho had to go to work for the first time. She woke up earlier than him, made breakfast, and even picked out a nice shirt that he should wear to work—even though he’s only helping out at Night’s and not going to an actual office.


It was Sho, and he was just as surprised as Chiyo who also just woke up and found Haru at the living room setting up the table.

“Nee-chan? Are you alright?” Chiyo rubbed her eyes and watched her older sister move around frantically.

“Oh good, here.” Haru handed her the rest of the dishes. “Set up the table while I check on the food. Sho-kun take a bath before you—“

She paused as she passed by Sho and looked at him from head to toe.

“Are you allowed bathe?”

Chiyo almost dropped one of the glasses when she heard what Haru said, but Haru didn’t notice and just went on to check the soup and noodles. Sho just grinned and gasped when he found the neatly pressed shirt hanging at the door knob.

“Why? Is he allergic to soap?” Chiyo asked loudly from the living room, sarcasm coating her every word. She was soon at the kitchen with her sister who was still moving around like their mother on their first day of school. “What is the matter with you?”

“Haru, am I wearing this shirt today?”

“Huh? Why? What are you doing today” Chiyo asked the beaming Sho who was being ignored by her sister.

“I’m going to work today!”

“You are?”

Haru turned irritably to both of them.

“Would you two hurry up?” she yelled. “Sho, you don’t want to be late so get dressed. Chiyo get the tea.”

Sho exchanged looks with Chiyo before giving a very eager ‘Hai!’ and rushing to the bathroom.

“Ah! Be careful!” Haru called out.

Chiyo stared weirdly at Haru and shook her head before walking over to where the teapot was.

“Geez, Nee-chan. Why are you getting all worked up about this?” she muttered. “It’s not like it’s his first time to work or take a bath. Pfft.”

Haru froze and slowly turned to her mumbling sister. She blinked and muttered an apology before slowly turning back to the stove and continued her stirring.

You have no idea, imouto… No idea at all…


“Anything?” Kimura asked as he looked over the man’s shoulder.

“No, sir. Everything seems to be fine.”

“Good…That’s good…”

After the minor change in the statistics because of the fluctuation the other night, Kimura has been restless. He had to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the robots. It was crucial to keep everything perfect. The robots must always be in perfect condition. He can’t let things go the way it did the last time a figure were created by Kronos Heaven.

“Just keep observing.” He told Akanishi. “I think… I think I’m going for a walk.”


Miyuki was surprised when she found Nino at the kitchen making breakfast when she woke up. She didn’t dare ask why he was making breakfast. She was just happy that he was. He rarely did something of that sort and she was afraid that asking him for a reason would make him act like a brat and refuse to continue cooking.

“Eh? Nino-kun?”

Miyuki giggled at her brother’s reaction upon seeing Nino at the kitchen while she was at the table sipping tea.

“There’s something wrong with this picture…” Satoshi said.
“Don’t ask, oniisan. Come and have some tea with me.”

Satoshi gave Nino a weird look before joining Miyuki at the table.

“Did you make him do that?” Satoshi whispered.
“I can’t even if I wanted to.” She smiled. “He’s doing this on his own free will. He was there when I woke up.”

Satoshi chuckled and sipped his tea before looking over at Nino again.

“It’s not normal, but I’m not complaining.”

Miyuki poured herself another cup.

“Hey, nii-chan,”
“Remember when you promised to take me fishing?”

There was a quick change in Satoshi’s expression when he heard the word fishing. A smile formed across his face and he nodded.

“Well… How about doing it this weekend?”
“This weekend? Are you sure?”
“Yes, why not? Are you busy?”
“No!” he answered immediately. “Okay! Let’s go!”

She stood up to start setting up the table, passing by Nino as she gathered the dishes and silverware.

“Why did you want to go to a trip all of a sudden?” her brother asked her.

“She wants to take pictures.” Nino butted in.


“Well,” Miyuki started as he placed a plate in front of Satoshi. “There’s this photography contest that I want to join…So I thought it would be a good opportunity to take pictures if we went to a trip.”

“Ah… Can Nino come?”

“Eh?” Nino and Miyuki said at the same time.

“But it’s just supposed to be the two of us…”

“Yeah, and you know I hate boats Oh-chan.”

“Ii yo… He won’t bother us. It would be like those trips we used to take together. ”

Miyuki sighed and pouted.

“Can I bring Jun then?”

“Eh?” This time Nino and Satoshi said it at the same time.

“What for?” Nino asked as he walked to the table with a bowl of mushroom rice—Nino’s specialty that Miyuki secretly loves. “It’s bad enough that I’m going to be seasick on that trip and now you want to bring him along?”

“Why can’t I bring him?”

“He annoys me.”

“Everyone annoys you except for nii-chan, Nino.”

“So? He still can’t come. He’s not part of the tradition.”

Miyuki just snarled at him and took a seat. There was no use arguing about it since she never really brought her boyfriends along for those trips. And Nino and Satoshi never brought along their girlfriends either. It has always been Nino, Satoshi, and her. Although she would not let Nino see it, she felt a little guilty that she even suggested it. She didn’t want to break their tradition.

While Nino went back to the kitchen, Miyuki started to scoop some rice onto her plate, scooping a bit more than the usual amount of rice she eats per meal. Nino returned with a bowl of stir fried vegetables and three cups of instant soup. Miyuki laughed.

“It was supposed to be miso but I got lazy.” Nino explained before going back to the kitchen to get the kettle of hot water. “It’s good soup anyway. It even has croutons.”

Miyuki laughed again and Satoshi joined her.

“Are you the endorser of this soup or something?” Miyuki teased.

“If I was, I’m sure this soup will sell like pancakes. I’d make a really great endorser. I can even endorse the new Mario Brothers Wii.”

“Sou desu ne…” Satoshi grinned.

Miyuki snuffed and helped herself with the vegetables. After preparing the instant soup, they ate silently for a while and enjoyed Nino’s cooking. They were all almost done eating when Miyuki spoke again.

“Ah, I almost forgot.” She turned to Nino. “Your pajamas…The new ones with the stripes…Have you washed them yet? I remember that I have to fix them.”

“Who said they needed fixing?” He retorted.
“Go find something else to fix.”
“Why you…”

She narrowed her eyes and sneered at Nino, who sneered back.

“You look like an elf in those pajamas.”

“You look like an elf.”


“Go back to the North Pole, elf. Leave my pajamas alone. It’s Santa who needs your help.”

“Who’s an elf? I’m taller than you when I’m in heels you midget!”

“You can’t even walk in heels. Besides, I was talking about your face and not your height.”

“Argh! Fine! Keep your pajamas that way!”

“I will!”

Satoshi just laughed silently at the usual Nino-Miyuki banter that was most popular during meal times. Their quarrels were a very normal thing in the household that it would be weird if they ever stopped fighting.

“Everything just always turns into an argument between you two…” He said, amused.

Miyuki replied with an exasperated sigh while Nino laughed mockingly.

“It’s our normal way of talking already. It’s no longer considered an argument, Oh-chan.” Nino said. “It’s like a casual conversation.”

“If that’s a casual conversation, I’d hate to see a real fight then.”

Miyuki huffed and stood up.

“Don’t worry, oniisan. We won’t let you see it.” She squeezed her brother’s shoulder before walking away from the table. “Gochisou!*”


Nino was fixing his tie in front of the mirror when he saw Satoshi pass by his bedroom door. Just a while ago, he heard the door and then he heard Jun’s voice so Nino knew that Miyuki had gone already. He thought she seemed too excited to meet the boyfriend today and it pissed him off as always.


He looked to the door and saw Satoshi leaning on the post carrying an easel.

“Hey, Oh-chan. Painting?”
“Un. I think I’ll do it in the park today…Fresh air.”

Nino smirked.

“Just don’t stay under the sun.”
“I won’t.” He grinned at the other man. “There’d be enough sun exposure over the weekend anyway.”
“Ha-ha. She’ll kill you.”
“Save me?”
“She’ll kill me too if I do.”

Satoshi chuckled and left Nino to go to his room again. There were already walking down the street after a few minutes, and the conversation that started about magic and fish somehow became a conversation about Miyuki.

“Seriously, Oh-chan, I think she’ll turn into your mother someday.”
“You make it sound like that’s a bad thing, Nino! Okaasan is awesome!”
“Yes, I know how you love your mother…”
“I love her a lot. If Miyuki would turn into my mom someday and she wasn’t my sister, I’d probably marry her.”

Nino guffawed.

“What is with those thoughts, Oh-chan??”

“I’m just saying…” Satoshi chuckled. “Miyuki would make a good wife and mom for sure…even if she doesn’t grow up to be like our mother.”

“Alright, alright. If you say so…”

He wouldn’t admit it to his best friend, but he thought the same. Despite their bickering and his constant poking fun of her, he always noticed how she took care of Satoshi and—though maybe unintentional or out of politeness—him as well. He refused to let her fix his pajamas today but it was only because he wanted to see if she will still fix it despite his opposition. That, in turn, would give him a moment’s joy that she really cared about him even if it’s not in the way he hopes for.

“It’s normal for her.” Satoshi said, interrupting Nino’s thoughts.
“Hmm? Nani?”
“It’s normal for her.” He said again. “Miyuki acts like a mother around people that are important to her. It’s natural for her to try and take care of the people around her, but she’s only like a mother to the ones she really care about…That’s what I’ve seen…”

Nino resisted the urge to smile. With a straight face, he managed to nod and then look away casually. He saw that they had already reached the city park.

“It’s as normal as those casual conversations you have with her.” Satoshi added knowingly.
“Ah sou?”
“Un. I just hope it doesn’t get too normal for you…those conversations that you call.”
“Why not?”
“Just a thought…but, if it happens too much too often, you two might not know when it’s not normal anymore. You know?”

Nino stared at his best friend who very rarely says things of that sort to him—or to anyone. He chuckled.

“Wow…All this coming from you…It’s…not normal.” He said.

“But you understand what I mean, right?”
“Hai, hai…”
“And when I said that I’d hate to see a real fight, I really meant it.”

“Wakatta~” Nino said as he placed a hand on the other man’s shoulder to assure him. He gave the shoulder a gentle squeeze before waving goodbye. “I’ll see you later. Ja ne!”


Haru waved to Sho for the last time before disappearing at the corner. She could still feel Sho’s grip on her hand when they were saying goodbye to each other. He wouldn’t stop waving and smiling until he could no longer see her.

“Will you come back to get me later?”
“Yes, I will.”
“Can I come and get you if I finish early?”
“Yes, Sho, you can.”

Haru stopped walking and took a few steps back. She slowly took a peek at the pastry shop from behind the wall just so she can see if Sho has really stopped waving.

She saw him still standing behind the glass door with a smile on his face. If Riiko-san had not come to make him do something, he probably would have stayed there until she came back. She was sure that Sho would be reliable at work, but she could not help but worry a little.

Haru was a little distracted even at the office. She shook the worries of her head and breathed in before she continued typing. Somehow, her worries helped her a bit with her article. Nagase-san said that her article sounded like a report, but now she was writing it as though she was writing in her journal. When she saw Masaki and Miyuki doing their konnichiwa entrance, an idea struck her.


Haru slurped her noodles and nodded at Miyuki. It was lunch break and, instead of Junno, she ate with Miyuki.

“Yes…You see…” Haru thought of what to say while she wiped some soup from her lips. “Nagase-san assigned to me the big love article that we always have for our February issue… And…I need photos for the article…”

“Oh, no problem! I’d be glad to help.

Miyuki carefully ate some of her soba before turning to Haru again.

“I’m surprised you asked me though…” Miyuki smiled.

“Well… The shoot would be…in a date setting…You know, me and my…”

Haru felt her cheeks get warm at the thought of Sho. She still was not used to pertaining to him as her boyfriend, and she was definitely not used to talking to other people about him.

“Your boyfriend? The man at the pastry shop, you mean?
“It’s good that you asked me then. I think it would have been awkward if Aiba-senpai was the one taking the photos. I wouldn’t want him to take pictures of me and my boyfriend.”
“Oh you have one too?”

Haru did not notice that Miyuki froze a little.

“Y-Yes, sort of.”

“Great! Bring him along then! That way you have someone to accompany you and I wouldn’t feel too embarrassed.” She admitted. Miyuki chuckled and just nodded her head. “And don’t worry, I’ll talk to Aiba-san about it.”

“Hai. Arigatou.”

So I’m having another date with Sho, huh?

She enjoyed her first date with Sho and although she would deny it to herself, she was excited and looking forward to another one. She was particularly happy that Sho was now being a bigger help for her article.

“So how long have you been together?” Miyuki asked suddenly. “Oh, if you don’t mind me asking, that is…Sumimasen.”

Haru just smiled awkwardly and shook her head.

“I uh… We uh… Not that long…” She stammered.
“I see… What’s he like? Your boyfriend. I mean, is he the jealous type? Is he one of those guys who are still chivalrous?”

Haru shifted uncomfortably in her seat as Miyuki eagerly waited for her answer. She has never talked to anyone about Sho before and she didn’t know what to say even though he was made for her.

“I guess…I guess you can say he’s the jealous type.” She said thoughtfully—remembering what he did to Junno. “He’s very intelligent too.”
“He likes to watch TV and he remembers everything. When he talks about the news, he makes it seem interesting even though it would normally be very boring for me.”

When Miyuki nodded and didn’t say anything, she knew she had to say more.

“He’s…” Haru chuckled at something she suddenly remembered. “He’s an awful, awful artist. He likes to draw Totoro for me and it never fails to look like a single-celled organism with eyes.”

The two women laughed.

“I’m not the best at drawing either, but I’m certain that I draw better than him. Even my seven-year-old cousin draws better than him!”
“Does he cook?”
“He does… But sometimes, I’d rather he didn’t because he always leaves a mess in the kitchen.”
“That’s horrible!”
“I know!”

There was a faraway look in her eyes as she smiled and thought about her robot boyfriend but she did not realize this.

“That must make you really mad, huh?” she heard the other girl say.
“At first… Yes… I’d be furious…” She replied softly. “But then he’d show me that grin of his and I can’t be mad anymore even if I tried. Sometimes I just pretend to be upset.”

Miyuki giggled.

“Aww…Shiomi-san…That is so cute…I feel happy for you.”
“You really like him, don’t you?”
“I can tell by that look you have right now…”

Haru gave her an embarrassed smile and laughed curtly as Miyuki continued with her meal. She wasn’t sure how to react.

“Well that’s…”

Her voice trailed off before she carefully ate more of her noodles and tried to return Miyuki’s smile.


Even though he wasn't very hungry, Nino chose to go out to have lunch just so he can have a change of place.

Argh...Breathing the same air as Ueda Tatsuya is bad for my health...

He sighed as he massaged his temple as he turned at the corner and almost ran into someone. He just mumbled a quick apology before going on his way.

"Oi! Chotto!"

Nino sighed again and turned around grudgingly to repeat his apology, but his eyes brightened up when he saw who the person was.


"That's right." she answered. "Where are you off to?"

"I was just about to have lunch."

"You were?" She smiled. "That's good. But why only now?"

"I was busy, okay."

He glanced at Miyuki's companion and it was only then that she realized she was with someone.

"Ah! I'm sorry, Shiomi-san. I forgot to introduce you."

"It's alright, Ohno-san. Is this your boyfriend?"


Nino tried not to look surprised when the woman bowed and grinned at him.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Shiomi Haru. I work with your girlfriend."
"Uh...Ninomiya Kazunari desu."

Miyuki was about to interrupt, but her friend was much faster than her.

"Ano...I invited Miyuki to go on a double date. I hope you can come with her."
"Oh, uh--"
"It's work-related so I really need her help, but I don't want to make her go alone so..."

Nino stole a glance at the fretting Miyuki while her friend continued to tell him about the favor she was asking. He nodded after the woman finished talking and then he turned to Miyuki and smirked.

"I would love to come." He said, still looking at Miyuki with a smirk. Miyuki narrowed her eyes at him but he ignored it and turned to Shiomi. "Thank you for the invitation, and it was nice to meet you Shiomi-san. I have to get going."

He bowed at the woman before waving goodbye to Miyuki who looked at him like she wanted to strangle him.

"Ja ne, Miyuki."



Haru was surprised at Sho’s greeting, but she found herself smiling when she saw the robot looking very happy to see him. She waved to him and bowed at Asamoto Soshi-san who was still stunned by Sho’s greeting.

“He seems very delighted to see you, Shiomi-san.”

Haru smiled again and made her way to the counter where Sho was putting freshly baked creampuffs.

“Kyaaaa…I’m just in time! I’ll have some creampuffs, Asamoto-san.”
“Of course. Sho-kun here already set aside a batch for you. “
“I did!” Sho interrupted. He put down the tray he was holding and revealed a box with a red bow. “I have them right here, Haru. I even convinced Asamoto-san to give my salary in creampuffs!”


She turned to Asamoto-san and saw him snickering.

“A-Asamoto-san, you didn’t really agree to that, did you?”
“He wouldn’t stop pestering me if I had not agreed.”

Haru gasped and ran to the shop owner.

“He takes it back!” Haru exclaimed. She looked back at Sho who was just stupidly smiling behind the counter before turning to his boss. “He did not really mean that. He was just joking and you know that, right, Asamoto-san?”

The man laughed and waved a hand over his face.

“Of course, Shiomi-san…”

Sho gasped at the same time that Haru sighed.

“I would never give creampuffs as a salary. Aside from the fact that my pastry chef wife would kill me, it’s not really a proper payment.”

She quickly walked back to where Sho was and narrowed her eyes at him.

“What were you thinking asking for creampuffs as payment?”
“But, Haru likes creampuffs, right?”
“Yes, I do, but that’s not all I want, you know. I’d get fat and sick if I always eat just creampuffs.”
“What else do you want then? I can include them in the salary.”

Haru was about to argue with him, but she heard the chimes and turned to the door, just in time to see Junno come in the store.

“Irrasshaimase!” Sho greeted happily, but then he realized who it was and frowned.


“Ah, hello, Shiomi-san I—“

The young man’s bright smile twitched when he saw Sho. He did not let go of the door and even looked like he was about to back out of the shop.

“Ah, Taguchi-san, welcome!” Asamoto-san greeted. “I wondered where you were when Shiomi-san came in alone. It’s not normal on a weekday.”

Taguchi nodded at the shop owner and hesitantly walked to the counter to join Sho and Haru.

“I guess, we do usually go here together on weekdays, huh?”
“Yeah. But in any case, you are just in time because we have freshly baked creampuffs here ready for your enjoyment! Sho-kun, take care of him while I check on the other puffs okay.”

Sho’s voice became deeper when he answered his boss, but Haru did not think much of it and just turned to her coworker.

“You got off early today too? We should’ve walked here together.” Haru smiled.
“Oh, uh… Well, I still need to go back to the office…I just…needed a snack.”
“Ganbatte ne.”
“Hai, ganba—“
“What would you like, Taguchi-san?” Sho interrupted, his voice deep and husky. The way he looked at Junno was the same way he looked at him when he saw the man get off the elevator with Haru. Haru narrowed her eyes at Sho again before smiling at Junno.

“It’s his first day here so…” She said with an embarrassed laugh.

The young man just nodded at Sho and said that he would buy a couple of creampuffs, which Sho prepared right away so that the young man can leave as soon as possible. When Sho said a high pitched ‘Thank you for coming!’ while waving goodbye to Junno, Haru placed her hands on her hips and shook her head.

“Come on now…” She said disapprovingly. “What was that about? You need to have a warmer approach towards customers, Sho.”

Sho just stopped waving and looked down after what Haru said.

“He left already?” Asamoto-san asked when he got back from the kitchen. “That was quick. Good job today, Sho-kun. You know, Shiomi-san, he did great with the customers. I think they were all pretty charmed by him.”

“Eh? Really?”

After the a few more words of praise, the man gave Sho his first pay and they started to walk back home. Sho talked to Haru about all the things that he did during his first day, and Haru listened quietly. Even though he did not watch TV or read a newspaper, he still had a lot to talk to her about.

“That’s really great, Sho.” Haru replied. “I’m glad you had fun on your first day. And you did really well too!”
“Hai! It’s because I was doing it for you. I thought you’d like the creampuffs salary though…”

Haru chuckled and patted Sho’s shoulder.

“Ii yo. Normal monetary salary is fine, Sho-kun. And it’s good that Asamoto-san was happy with what you did. That means you can keep working there.”

The small pastry shop wasn’t really in an urgent need of another man, but the Asamotos was willing to give Sho a chance. The little shop was slowly getting popular and more people were coming so sometimes both Riiko and Soshi had to work in the kitchen and no one was left to man the counter. Haru was glad that Sho was able to please them.

“But… How about Haru?” Sho asked as they walked.

Sho stopped walking and faced her.

“Did I make Haru happy too?” He asked. “Even though you don’t want a creampuff salary?”

Taken aback by the question, Haru was not able to reply right away. She just looked at Sho’s worried yet expectant eyes and smirked.

“Well…The creampuff salary was a shocker but…”

Haru tried to maintain a straight face as she looked at him, but she couldn’t help but grin at the way the figure was looking at her.

“…yes, Sho. You made me happy.”



Miyuki did not have to see who was under the helmet to know who it was that got off the motorbike.


The man took off the helmet and it was indeed Jun. Miyuki smirked when she saw that his helmet hair still looked cute.

“What are you doing here? What is this?” She asked as he walked towards the bike.
“They made me a delivery personnel. I told them I can do it even without the motorcycle but they would not believe me.”

Jun offered to give her a ride home and Miyuki reluctantly agreed—which later proved to be a bad idea. They had already stopped in front of the apartment building but she was still glued to Jun and the seat.

“Miyuki, we’re here.”
“H-Hai…” She answered as she tried to steady herself.
“Are you alright?”

She nodded and got off the motorbike. She never expected to be so shaken up after riding a motorcycle. She loved roller coasters and all sorts of thrilling rides so a motorcycle ride should be a walk in the park for her. She thought that perhaps it was because she had been watching too many Final Destination movies with Jun lately.

“That was really exciting…” She whispered hoarsely. I am never getting on another motorcycle again.

She wobbled a bit as she walked so the figure held her arm to support her. It made her feel like an old woman, but she wasn’t going to complain.

“Did I frighten you? I’m sorry if I was a terrible driver.” Jun said as they entered the building.
“Oh, no no no… You were a great driver. I was impressed. It was almost like those cool bike rides I see in Western action movies.”

Miyuki saw that the elevator doors were about to close so she immediately called out for someone to hold them open. Luckily, the person inside heard her and the doors didn’t close. She and Jun walked faster to the elevator and she was surprised to see Nino inside.

“What’s this?” Are you limping again?” Nino asked with a smirk.
“Shut up.”

She smiled when she turned to Jun.

“Thank you again, Jun. It was great. I can take it from here.” She said sweetly. Her tone changed as she turned to Nino before speaking again. “My elf will see me to my apartment.”
“Who are you calling an elf?”

Miyuki smirked and looked at Jun again.

“Are you sure? I can carry you to your apartment.”
“No! No, that’s sweet but there’s no need for that.”
“Okay. Goodnight then.”

Jun pulled her closer and planted a kiss on her forehead before he turned to Nino and bowed. Miyuki felt her cheeks warm up so she looked down as she stepped inside the elevator. She felt embarrassed that Nino had to see Jun do that. She was sure that he won’t let her hear the end of it.

“Oyasumi, Miyuki.” Jun said with a soft smile.
“Hai. Oyasumi.”



Kimura kept his eyes on the building’s entrance and ignored the younger man’s complaining.

“Sir, we’ve been following him all day. Don’t you think it’s safe to say that there is nothing wrong?”

He was beginning to think that the man was paranoid. Takuya Kimura, he thought, was getting too worked up about a small fluctuation in the computer. If Akanishi did not know any better, he’d think that the man was actually hoping that there was something wrong with the figure.

“Ah! He’s coming!” Kimura exclaimed when he saw Jun stepping out of the building. “I’m not very comfortable with him riding that motorcycle. He’d be very prone to damages in that thing.”
“But we already saw that he’s a skilled driver, right? He’ll be—“

Kimura shushed his assistant and frowned as the figure held something in his hand and started to run back to the apartment building.

“What is he doing?”


Nino wanted to say something to annoy Miyuki or make her feel more embarrassed, but during the short elevator ride, all he could do was glare at the back of her head. When they reached their floor, he just quietly followed her.

“Alright, that’s it! Come on, let’s hear it.”

Nino stopped in his tracks and looked at Miyuki who was now frowning at him, her hands on her hips.

“Hear what?”
“I know you have something to say about what happened earlier.” She prodded. “Say it now so we can get it over with before we go inside and Oniisan sees us arguing again. You’ve been deathly quiet and it’s freaking me out! I feel like you’re going to suddenly drop a bomb on me!”

A smirk crept its way across his face. He coolly placed his hands inside his pocket. Nino was pleased that he could annoy her without the need for speaking. He was even more pleased that she seemed bothered by his silence.

“Am I required to say something?”
“Just say it already!”

He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, intentionally pausing for a while to make her feel even more anxious about what he will tell her.

“I’m angry.” He said seriously. “Can’t you tell?”
“W-What? Why are you angry?”
“Why wouldn’t I be? It’s normal, isn’t it?”

Miyuki just stared at him and he stared back as well, showing no emotion on his face.

“Isn’t it normal for a boyfriend to be upset when some other guy suddenly kisses his girlfriend in front of his face?”

He saw her expression change from surprise, to confusion, to realization, and finally to anger. And Nino could not help but laugh out loud even when she started to hit him with her bag.

“You’re awful!” She yelled. “I can’t believe you’re teasing me about that!”
“It’s fun.”
“Shut up!”
“It’s not my fault she thought we were together. I can’t help it if I’m boyfriend material.”

He laughed when she covered her reddening face, but not before she hit him again with her bag. Still laughing his head off, Nino walked past her and took out his house keys. He heard her footsteps after a while and she kept mumbling until they reached the apartment unit. Nino unlocked the door and pushed it open, but he just had to pause and look at her again.

“So we’re on for that double date?”


“Did you see that?”

Akanishi looked at his senior and nodded nervously. Kimura took the laptop from him and checked the figure’s statistics one by one. It happened again…the fluctuation.

“Something is not right…” Kimura said as he continued to check the data on the screen. “A while ago his battery was still half full, but now it’s low all of a sudden.”

“Kimura-sensei, he’s back!” Akanishi said and pointed to the building’s entrance.

The figure marched to the motorcycle. His head made sharp jerky movements to the side as he put on a helmet. Kimura heard his assistant warn him that the battery alert was blinking.

“What? Already?” He looked at the screen, and then back to the figure and saw that he had already mounted his motorcycle and was ready to leave.

“That’s not a good idea.”

Kimura quickly got off the van.


Gochisou – short for ‘gochisousamadeshita’, usually said after a meal, means something like ‘Thank you for the meal.’
Wakatta – I understand.
Ja ne – Like, “See you around!” or “Later!” xD
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