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14 July 2009 @ 05:15 pm
One Week - Chapter 5  

Title: One Week
Fandom: JE/KAT-TUN
Characters: KAT-TUN, OCs
Pairing/s: Jin/OC
Summary: Jin finds himself falling in love with a foreign fan he has been exchanging emails with for months. See what happens when she gets to spend one week in Japan.
A/N: This fic is very memorable for me because it's the first multichap fic that I compeleted and also the first Jin fic that I wrote. (Originally posted: November 14, 2008)

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One buy one, the boys went home. Maru was the first one to leave since he was itching to get out of his uncomfortable disguise. Ueda decided to leave shortly after that because he suddenly felt tired and wasn't very chipper anymore. Kame and Koki left together after playing another round of the girl's modified jankenpon, which they loved. Only Junno was left and Jin wished that he'd leave soon too. He was robbing him of time he could spend with the girl alone.

Junno was sitting between him and the girl on the sofa. The cheerful Junno was talkative as ever, and the girl politely and rather enthusiastically listened to whatever story he was telling. He was already getting tired of translating for the girl just so she and Junno can talk. He disliked that she was enjoying Junno's company too. He thought she was enjoying it too much.

"Hey, you're pissing me off." Jin told her.
"You're pissing me off." he said again.

The girl looked at him with wide questioning eyes then turned to Junno. Junno was just smiling, oblivious of what Jin had said. She shifted her gaze back at Jin.

"Sorry." she said with a small, guilty smile. "Just one last translation, please?"

Jin pouted and rested his chin on his hand.

"Can you tell him that I would like to continue chatting..." she said, and Jin frowned. "...but right now someone needs my full attention."

Jin looked at her with puppy-dog eyes. "Hai." He told Junno what the girl said, and soon after Junno said his thank yous and apologies, Jin was finally alone with her.

"Sorry..." she told him after closing the front door. She looked at Jin who was slouched on the sofa. Jin looked at his watch. His friends had been in her apartment for three hours. He looked at her glumly.

"I'm sorry..." she said again, sweetly this time. Jin pouted at her.
"You pissed me off."
"Yeah, I know. You told me. May I ask why?"

Jin crossed his arms and looked somewhere else.

"Are you jealous of your friends?" she teased. "Is that it?"

He didn't answer. She chuckled softly, walked towards him and made herself comfortable beside him.

"Hey... Are you
ignoring me now?" She poked him on the cheek. Jin still didn't mind her.

"Oh, so that's how it is now huh?" she said in a joking manner. Without warning, she pressed Jin's collarbone causing him to scream and shove her hand away, accidentally hitting her with his elbow in the process.

"Wah!" she cupped her hand over her forehead. Jin's eyes were wide in shock.
"Uwa! Gomen!" he said quickly.
"You did that on purpose!" she laughed.
"No, I didn't!" he argued.
"But you wanted to do it?" she said with a laugh. "You did, didn't you?"
"No!" he protested. "I would never do anything to hurt you! Well--Not intentionally at least."

She rubbed the part of her forehead where Jin had hit her.
"Yeah... I wouldn't do anything to hurt you either." she said with a smile."Not intentionally, at least."
He shoved her hand away and looked at her forehead.

"It's the same spot I bumped the last time, I think." she said with a chuckle.
"I'm going to go get some ice." Jin was about to stand up, but she grabbed his arm.
"No, no. It's fine." she smiled again. "Just stay here, please."

Jin sat down and crossed his arms again. They were quiet for a moment before the girl spoke up.

"Thank you." she said. "For telling your friends about me."

Jin still didn't look at her but nodded.

"It was fun to hang out with them." she continued. "I'm glad they came by."

He didn't answer.

"I feel a bit better now. Now that I'm.. how do I say it... acknowledged?" she told him before picking up a couple of empty glasses from the center table and heading to the kitchen. Jin watched her as she walked away and wondered why she said that. She followed her into the kitchen and found her washing the used glasses.

He sat on a stool next to the counter and watched her again, thinking if he should keep ignoring her for a while or to give in to his curiosity and ask her what she meant by what she said.

She dried her hands and was a bit surprised when he saw him by the counter. She pulled up another stool and sat across him.

"Are you still mad at me for liking your friends?" she smiled.
"No..." he said.
"Oh really?"

He pursed his lips to one side. She grinned and watched him try to ignore her eyes.

"I'm very happy you told your friends about me, Jin." she said.
"Mm?" he pointed to his nose and said something in Japanese.
"Huh? Sorry... uhm... Nihonggo wakari masen." she said, sounding like a real Japanese. "Cool, I said that pretty well,
didn't I?"

She then started to say random lines from KAT-TUN songs like they were part of a normal conversation. Jin failed to hide a smile and wondered why he couldn't stay mad at her for five minutes even if he tried.

"Ano... Girigiri de itsumo ikite itai kara.(I want to always live on the edge.)" she told Jin. "Saa... omoikkiri buchiyaburou riaru wo te ni irerun da.(So come on, let's break through and get the real thing.)"

Jin laughed. It was lyrics from "Real Face" and she sounded funny as she tried to immitate how a Japanese would say it.

"Stop that, it's stupid." Jin asked, chuckling.
"I'm only trying to make you smile." she said. "I mean, I sounded stupid but I think I succeeded, wouldn't you say?"

She reached for Jin's hand and held it tight.

"Tsunaida te wo hodokenai you ni... (To not let go of the hand I am holding...)" the girl said seriously. She looked intently at Jin with a slight smile. And then after a few seconds of silence and staring at each other, she burst out singing the rest of the song animatedly.

"Tatoeba kimi ga kizu tsuita to emo... Dare no ai datte nando mo iro wo kaeru... Tsukarete boku ni yorikakaru hi wa... Donna kimi demo dakishimeru kara..."

(Even if, for example, you get hurt...Everyone’s love changes its colours countless times...On days when you get tired and lean on me...I’ll hold you, however you are)

Jin watched her, amused and wide-eyed, but then he became confused when all of a sudden she started to get teary.

"Itsu datte bokura kitto dare date...(At some stage every one of us) Kanashimi ya yowasa ikutsumo hiki tsurete (Brings along sadness and weakness)..." she said, sobbing and laughing at herself at the same time.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?!" he laughed.
"I don't know!" she answered, rubbing her eyes.

Jin approached her and locked her in a tight embrace.

"You're weird." he said. "Why are you crying all of a sudden, huh? Are you crazy?"

She chuckled and returned his embrace.

"I'm afraid..." she said with a sniff.
"Hmm? Nande?" Jin gently stroked her hair as he held her.
"I'm afraid that I'm just dreaming." she told him. "I'm afraid that I'm not really here, and you're not really holding me.
I'm afraid that after this week, everything would be gone. I'm afraid that after this week, you would forget about me."

She started to cry.

"I'm..." she continued. "I'm afraid that in the end... this would all be nothing... this would all mean nothing... and all would be left is me, and this vague memory of what we had this week, and the emails that you sent me. But then there 's nothing else after that... And there's no more 'you' after that... And I would see you on TV, and hear about you, and read about you... but never actually be with you...I'm afraid that---"

Jin held her tighter and didn't let her finish. He closed his eyes and wished that things were less complicated for them.

He hoped that the week would never end. He wished that she could just stay with him, and they could be together. He felt the awful pain in his chest again and winced.

"But it's wonderful...isn't it?" she said.

She pulled away from his embrace and smiled at him.

"It's wonderful that I care about you so much...that I am able feel this way for somebody. " she said cheerfully. "Although it scares the heck out of me too."

A tear fell from her eye and she quickly wiped it away.

"Sorry." she said with a little laugh. "I'm getting emotional."

She looked down and covered her face.

"Yaaaah... I think I'm going to cry again!" the embarrassed girl said.

Jin smiled. He took her hands away from her face and lifted her chin so he could look in her eyes.

"Crybaby..." he whispered.

Tears fell from her eyes but she didn't look away from him. He embraced her again and let her weep on his shoulder. He sang softly to her ear as he himself began to cry.

"...Tsukarete boku ni yorikakaru hi wa... Donna kimi demo dakishimeru kara..." (On days when you get tired and lean on me...I’ll hold you, however you are...)

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KARENxkaygee on January 5th, 2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
I'd be emotional too if I was her.
Heck, if I was her, I would never leave Japan.
happyhapee: ficcieshappyhapee on January 6th, 2010 11:45 am (UTC)
Ahaha. Yeah. Ditto. Except I'm in love with Nino now and not Jin, so I'll prolly imagine this happening with Nino instead. LOL.