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15 September 2009 @ 09:23 pm
Absolute Boyfriend 2.0 - Chapter 4  

Absolute Boyfriend 2.0
Characters: Arashi, KAT-TUN, OCs, and various special guest appearances from other famous people
Pairing/s: Nino/OC, Sho/OC, Junno/OC (more to come)
Summary: Miyuki has had one bad relationship after another, while Haru has never been in one. Both are given a chance to have their ideal boyfriend--only they're not human.
A/N: If you have seen Zettai Kareshi or if you have read the manga, then you'll most likely understand what this is about. I changed the plot, ofcourse, so this would be different from both the manga and the drama. I was inspired by the two media, and you might see bits and pieces of information that I have taken from them just so this would really have the feel of a Zettai Kareshi part 2 (with Johnny's boys as the main characters XD). --> Sorry for taking a lng time writing the update. XD
Disclaimer: I do not own ZettaI Kareshi (drama/manga) in anyway, nor do I own the Johnny's boys--except for one (LOL). I own the plot and the OCs. Some characters from the original Zettai Kareshi are mentioned, but I do not own them either. ^^

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Chapter 4 – Surprise!

Haru looked over the shoulder of the robot who was about to hug her and her eyes widened when she saw Chiyo.


Haru pushed the robot away from her and punched his face again, making him fall on his back on the carpet. Her fist was throbbing again, but Haru did not notice anything except for the look on her sister’s face. The robot looked at Chiyo from his position on the floor and grinned.

“Domo!" he greeted with high spirits.

Chiyo glared at him and then at her sister.

“What the heck is this?” Chiyo yelled.
“This isn’t what it looks like!”
“Who is that man??”

“I’m her—“

Haru jumped to him and hastily covered the robot’s face with the clothes lying around.

“He’s no one!” she shouted. “I don’t even know his name!”
“You don’t know his name and yet you’re getting intimate with him??”

Haru stood up and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Excuse me, but you are completely misunderstanding everything.” She said firmly, trying hard to make it sound calm.
“Alright…” Chiyo crossed her arms as well and narrowed her eyes at her older sister. “Make me understand then.

Haru tried to think of something to explain what is happening, but then she’d have to tell Chiyo that the man was a robot—and she can’t do such a thing because it was in the contract that she signed. People aren’t supposed to know about the robots yet.


Suddenly, the robot appeared next to Haru and placed his arm around her shoulder.

“Hello, I’m Haru’s perfect boyfriend.”

Haru sharply turned her head to the robot beside her and shot lasers from her eyes to his head. Chiyo’s jaw dropped and she could only stare at the handsome smiling man in front of her.

“Nice to meet you, Chiyo.” The figure grinned. “You may call me ‘Oniisan’.”

Haru’s blood pressure quickly rose and everything around her became black. She clenched her fist and smacked the robot’s nose, but instead of him, she ended up groaning from the pain on her knuckles. She bit her lip so as not to let a curse come out of her mouth.


The robot quickly came to her aid but she pushed it away.

“Don’t come near me!”

Haru heard a scream from the kitchen and moments later, Chiyo returned with a frozen piece of meat for Haru.

“What happened there?” she exclaimed. “It looks like someone had a party with monkeys in our kitchen!”
“I cooked food.” The figure announced. “Do you want some Oyakodon?”
“Shut up!” the sisters chorused.

The figure slinked away into a corner and sat down while Haru relieved her aching fist with the frozen meat. The fuming Chiyo sat in front of her sister waiting for an explanation.

“Well, Nee-chan?” she said. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Haru pouted and looked down on her red knuckles.


What am I going to tell her? I’m no good in making up stories…

“I uh…”

She looked at Chiyo and then at the sad robot sitting on the corner. She wasn’t doing anything wrong so there was no need for her to lie about it.

“I’m… sorry…” she whispered. “He is…”

Don’t Haru… There’s still time to think of a lie. Don’t do it!

“He’s my…boyfriend.”

After hearing the last word, Chiyo fainted.


Aww… No dinner for me tonight? T_T Come back, Miyuki! Come back! :-) Daijobu… I’ll be fine. I’ll make something. Take care when you go home.

Miyuki smiled after reading the message from her brother. She was about to close the phone when it beeped again.

You had better make me something really, really good tomorrow. >:D

She could not help but laugh at his message. Miyuki knew that her brother often depended on her for food-related matters so she felt a little guilty for leaving him dinnerless tonight.

Hai, hai, oniisan… It’ll be so good, you’ll cry.

She kept the phone in her bag and realized that the taxi had already stopped in front of a tall building. Miyuki has seen it before but she has forgotten when.

She followed Aiba into the building and still tried to keep up with his long strides. With Nino and Satoshi, she didn’t have to exert so much effort in walking. There was no need to walk so fast when she was with them. Their legs were fairly shorter than Aiba’s so it was much easier to walk along with them.

Miyuki was surprised when Aiba took the elevators and not the stairs.

“We’re in a hurry so I’m making an exception tonight.” Aiba grinned, answering her unspoken question. It was the second compromise he made that night after they rode a taxi.

They got off at the 17th floor and Miyuki finally remembered why the place looked familiar. She had been there a few years back with Satoshi. She remembered how he literally had to drag her along.

“I’ll just go look for our client, Ohno-chan.” Aiba told her. “Can you prepare the dome lights? Maybe a couple of reflectors as well.”

Aiba kept walking along the corridor while Miyuki looked for a place where she can sit down and take out the equipment. Her legs were tired too. She found a few chairs lined up against a wall. A man was sitting on one of the chairs and he seemed to be sleeping, but Miyuki thought that she would not be a disturbance anyway and so she went.

When she got close enough, she recognized who it was.



Nino thought he was hearing things already. But when he opened his eyes and saw Miyuki, he almost fell off his seat in surprise. She looked at her watch and then at him.

“Shouldn’t you be home by now?”

He didn’t even know what time it was already.

“I should ask you the same thing.” He replied.
“I’m still working.”
“So am I.”

She snuffed and crossed her arms. Having little strength and motivation to start a fight, Nino just closed his eyes and leaned back on the chair again. In a few minutes, he would have to get back to work so he needed to regain a little more strength until it’s done.

He didn’t hear her speak again so he assumed that she already left. She was trying to be stealth that morning so Nino told himself that she was probably still in stealth mode until now. She was still in the track suit after all.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Nino sighed and opened his eyes again. Miyuki was still frowning at him.

“Don’t you have somewhere you have to be?” he said in annoyance. “I’m trying to—“

He was cut short when Miyuki placed her hand on his forehead. After a few seconds, her frown deepened and she looked at him suspiciously. She crossed her arms again.

“What did you not do this time, Nino?”
“Something’s wrong with you.”
“What are you talking about?”

Nino was taken aback when she suddenly leaned over to him and started sniffing his hair and clothes.

“You haven’t been smoking too much have you?”
“Hand them over.”
“Give them to me.”
“I haven’t been smoking!” he argued. “And nothing’s wrong with me, okay? Back off.”

She clicked her tongue and started to rummage inside her bag. Nino cringed as he felt the pain in his head come back.


Miyuki handed him a pill.

“It’s better if you eat something before you take it.” She told him. “I know you have very little interest in food but please eat at least three meals every day…especially when you’re busy.”

Nino could only stare and wonder how she could tell so much just by looking at him.

“And smoking is not a substitute for eating. Do that again and I will kill you myself.”

He sighed and just nodded an ‘okay’. He thought that she was acting like an angry and semi-sadistic mother again.

Miyuki sat on the chair near him and started to take out some things from a large bag. Nino smiled as he slowly became invisible to her again. He stood up to go to the cafeteria and thought about how he sort of liked it when he scolded her.


He made a face and looked back at Miyuki.

“What now?”

She grinned.

“Let’s go home together, ne?”

He raised a brow and started to walk again. And just as he reached the end of the hall, Nino smiled.


Haru tried to avoid the death glares from the revived Chiyo who was now helping herself with the Oyakodon that the robot made. She had a small bump on her head from accidentally head butting the robot after she was awakened by the smell of ammonia from a cotton ball.

Chiyo shifted her gaze to the smiling robot beside Haru and started shooting the death glares at him. The robot just smiled at her and blinked slowly. He looked at Haru and smiled, and when he was ignored he leaned his head on Haru’s shoulder. Haru tried to wiggle him off but he kept coming back when his head would slide off her shoulder.

“I can’t believe you…” Chiyo said with a pained expression. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Well… there was really nothing to tell…”
“What do you mean? You have a boyfriend, Nee-chan! You’ve never had a boyfriend before! This is a very big deal! Do you understand how big of a deal this is??”

Haru sighed.

No, I don’t understand why it is such a big deal.

“Calm down, will you?”

Her sister strummed her fingers on the table and stared at the Oyakodon.

“How long have you two been together, anyway?”


“About a day.”
“A day?” repeated Chiyo. “You’ve been together for about a day?”
“That’s what I said, isn’t it?”
“So he became your boyfriend today?”

Haru decided to go along.

“Uh…Y-Yes. That was why he was going to hug me.” She said. “See, I haven’t been keeping it from you. If you had not come all of a sudden, I’d still tell you about it once you get home.”
“But I never knew you were dating anyone! I assumed that you and Taguchi-san sort of had a thing for each other but…”

Haru choked on her own saliva because of what she heard. The robot sat in attention and looked shocked.

“Taguchi-san? Who’s he?” he asked Haru.
“Taguchi-san and I are friends, Chiyo. We don’t have a thing.” Haru answered, ignoring the troubled robot again. “And you don’t know that I was dating anyone because you’re busy with school, and I’m busy with work.”

Haru did not expect Chiyo to fall for it, but she was relieved when her sister looked less hurt and nodded.

“Well we have been busier than usual…You especially…”

Chiyo grinned mischievously at her sister.

“I just didn’t think that aside from work…You were busy with something else…”

Haru quickly glanced at the robot who was dramatically hitting the table with his fist.

“No! No, it’s not like that!”
“Oh come on, Oneesan… You don’t have to be shy that you were busy dating him and having fun. I know what it’s like to be in love.”

Haru almost toppled over.

“It’s nothing like that!”
“Ehh…Nee-chan being all shy about it… You weren’t so shy when he was trying to hug you.”

Haru now felt like smacking her sister.

“What’s his name anyway?”

The robot finally stopped with his drama and gave Haru a bright-eyed smile.

“H-His name?”

She frantically looked for anything with words. She had not thought about what name to give the robot yet. She did not even plan on giving him a name. She was okay with just calling him “you”.

“My name? Yes, Haru what is—“
“Shh?” asked Chiyo.
“Shh… Sh… Sh..Sh…” Haru looked around frantically for anything with words…Anything that could add something to the first sound that she produced for the robot’s name. And then her eyes landed on the Oyakodon.


The robot blinked, and so did Chiyo.

“His name is…Sho.”


That brat.

Miyuki frowned when she didn’t see Nino anywhere.

She helped Aiba carry the bags and waited until he was able to hail a taxi cab. She looked back at the building but there was still no sign of him.

“Do you want me to drop you off somewhere?” Aiba asked as he placed the last of the bags on the backseat.
“No, thank you, senpai.” She answered. “It’s still early. I think I can walk home. I need the exercise.”

Aiba laughed heartily and patted her shoulder.

“Don’t get yourself too tired, ne?”

She nodded and watched as he took the seat beside the driver. He smiled and waved goodbye before the taxi sped off and Miyuki was left alone on the sidewalk.

She took her phone out and dialed Nino’s number but she could not reach him even after trying thrice. She looked down on her sore legs and feet and groaned.

Hold on a while longer okay, feet? I need you to take me home.

She breathed in deeply and imitated Aiba’s energetic ‘Yosh!’, hoping it would somehow raise her tension. Unfortunately, her poor imitation of Aiba did nothing to help her make the long walk home more bearable. She had only gone until the second block when she felt a sharp pain on her right leg.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow…”

She skipped with one leg to a nearby light post and hugged it to keep herself from screaming. She couldn’t move her leg.

“I should’ve gone with Aiba-san…” she muttered as she hugged the post tighter, almost ready to cry. “Itai…”

Bad choice, Miyuki. Bad, bad choice…

“What are you doing?”

Miyuki opened her eyes and frowned. She carefully skipped using her functional leg and turned around to see a bewildered man staring at her. She sneered.


He closed his phone and walked towards her.

“What happened to the ‘Let’s walk home together’?” he said in annoyance. “And why are you hugging that thing?”
“I was looking for you! Where did you go?” she answered back as tears formed in her eyes—partly because she was in pain, partly because she was upset, and partly because she was extremely happy to see him.
“I was waiting for you!”
“I didn’t see you anywhere.”
“I was at the lobby but I left my phone so I went back up to my office.” He explained. “Meanwhile, you aren’t answering your phone because you’re busy hugging that light post. Which, I must point out, is not the best thing to hug.”
“Shut up. I called you three times.”
“Whatever, let’s just go.”

Miyuki watched as Nino walked past her. He stayed where she was and made a face.

“Aren’t you even going to ask why I’m hugging the post?” she called.
“I’d rather not.”
“I cramped my leg, you brat.” She yelled. “I’ve been running all day with Aiba-senpai and now this happened!”

Miyuki wanted to tackle Nino when he suddenly began laughing. He looked at her and just kept laughing.

“It’s not funny!”
“It is too!” he said in between laughter. “So that’s why you’re wearing a track suit and rubber shoes. I get it now.”

She clicked her tongue and, with all the strength that she could muster, she limped past the laughing Nino. She hit him on the head with her bag as she passed.

“Oh come on, it’s funny.” Nino said as he followed her.
“Don’t follow me.”
“Leave me alone.”
“But we’re walking home together, right?” he said. “Oh wait—I’m walking. You’re going to limp.”

She clenched her fist and turned around to throw her bag at him, which he caught with ease.

“Alright, alright.” He said seriously now. “I’m sorry. Would you stop walking?”
“You mean ‘limping’ right? Go away.”

For a while she didn’t feel the pain in her leg anymore, but then a wrong step made another sharp pain shoot up from her ankle up to her calf.


She felt Nino grab her arm before she could lose her balance and fall down.

“Don’t be so difficult.” He said with a frown.
“Oh I’m diff—“
“That’s enough.”

He stood in front of her and bent his knees.

“Come on.”
“We won’t reach home tonight with you limping like that. I’ll carry you.”
“Eh?? Like you can carry me all the way home.” She mocked. “I was thinking of taking a cab?”

Nino scoffed and from his profile, Miyuki could tell that he was smirking.

“I’d rather carry you than spend so much on a cab ride. Forget it and hop on.”

Miyuki sighed and took her bag from Nino before carefully climbing on to his back. Once again she thought that he was the stingiest rich guy in Japan.

“Don’t fall apart, okay?” she said sarcastically.

She chuckled and relaxed on his back. And as Nino started to take the first few steps of his long walk home, Miyuki made a mental note to thank him one day.


Haru sprang up from her bed and frowned as she sniffed the air.


She sniffed again.

Yeah, that’s miso alright…

She heard a snore and turned to the other bed in the room and saw that Chiyo was still sleeping. At first she just stared blankly at her sister, but as soon as it registered in her brain, her eyes widened and she quickly got out of bed and dashed to the kitchen.


After spending an hour cleaning the kitchen last night, it was back to its disheveled state. Sho looked up from what he was stirring and smiled brightly at Haru.

“Ohayo, Haru!” he beamed. “I’m making soup for you!”

She made a face and grabbed her hair as she circled the kitchen.

“Sho! We just cleaned this place!” she scolded. “You can’t keep messing up the kitchen, Sho!”

He blinked.

“I’m sorry, Haru. I’ll clean it up.”

Haru dragged herself to the living room and allowed her self to collapse on the carpet.

“How am I going to go through with this?” she mumbled as she closed her eyes. “It’s only been a day and I’m ready to give him back to Kimura-san… If I didn’t have to do this work I’d be on my way to Kronos Heaven now to return this thing.”

She heard her phone ringing and so she went back inside her room to get it.

“Hai. Moshi moshi?”

Haru thought her eardrum broke.

“How are you doing today, Shiomi-san?” the lively voice exclaimed on the other line.
“Huh? Kimura-san? Is that you?”
“Why are you calling me?” Haru whispered as she walked out of the room and closed the door.
“Well I called to check up on your boyfriend, of course. I want to know if it is functioning well for you. How is the handsome creature doing?”

Haru rolled her eyes and glanced at the robot cooking in the kitchen.

“He’s making a mess.”
“Oh wonderful!” Just what you need, ne?” Kimura-san laughed.
“We all need a little disorganization in life, right? Jaa!”

She stared at the phone after he hung up. Sighing, she went to the kitchen to start cleaning the robot’s mess but was surprised to see it spotless clean.

“Gah! How did you—“

The robot held a tray of food and smiled warmly at her. Haru’s stomach grumbled when she took a whiff of the enticing aroma.

“Let’s eat!”


Miyuki ignored her alarm clock when it went off. She had planned to still go to work early even if Aiba told her not to. But since her legs were sore and she couldn’t even turn on her bed, she decided to sleep some more—wishing that a couple more hours in bed will make the pain disappear.

She could hear Satoshi and Nino playing Wii again outside, but she was too tired to scold them today. She was glad, however, that when she got up later, she found some breakfast for her on the table. The two had already gone to work.

She smiled when she saw the stack of pancakes on the table. Beside it was a piece of paper and written on it was a note in Satoshi’s handwriting.

I was going to wake you up but you looked tired. :-) Because I made breakfast, you have to make tonight’s dinner twice as many and twice as good okay? >:D

She laughed when she read a messy scribble at the bottom of the note.

My back hurts! >: \

“That stingy brat.” She chuckled. She sat down happily in front of the pancakes and poured maple syrup on it.


The doorbell rang.

Miyuki sighed and stood up to answer the door. A man with spiky hair greeted her with a smile and a peace sign.

“Can I help you?”

The man talked to someone on his walkie talkie, all the while holding his pointer finger up to gesture for Miyuki to wait. Miyuki crossed her arms and raised a brow at the man. She cleared her throat and shifted her weight to her other foot.

When the man finished talking, he smiled apologetically and bowed.

“Sorry, we just had to check all the mailing details.” He said. “Konnichiwa! We have a special delivery for you.”
“Huh? For me?”

Miyuki heard voices from the hall. She stepped out of the door and saw two uniformed men pushing a large cart that held a big metal box.

“What’s that?” she asked incredulously.
“It’s the package for you.”
“Package? That’s a house!” she exaggerated. The man laughed along with her little joke and handed her a clipboard.
“Sign here to receive your house, ma’am.”
“I didn’t order anything.”
“Yeah, I’ve heard that before.” He said as he took out a piece of gum from his pocket. “But I guess in your case you really didn’t order anything. You’re Ohno Miyuki, right?”
“Well then this package is yours.”

He tapped the clipboard to remind Miyuki to sign it. She sighed and signed it anyway, thinking that maybe Satoshi ordered it and just placed it under her name.

“Okay, thank you.”

The spiky-haired man motioned for the two other men to bring in the large package. They struggled a bit inside the genkan and Miyuki feared that they were going to break something. When they successfully made it out of the genkan, they left the package lying on the space between the sofa and the dining table.

“Alright, we’ll be going then.” The man told her. “Have fun with your purchase!”

Miyuki shut the door as soon as all the men stepped out. She went back inside to look at the large delivery. She read the label.

Kronos Heaven… I’ve never heard of this company. What is Oniisan up to now?

Thinking that her brother would not mind, she kneeled in front of the large package to satisfy her curiosity. She pulled open the latch and was surprised by the air escaping from inside.

“Eh… I wonder what this is…”

Mizuki held the lid and pushed it up until it is completely opened. She looked down at what is inside but was only greeted by bubble wrap—lots of it. She smiled and held a portion of the bubble wrap and started popping.

She was not content with just popping the parts at the edge so she decided to just take a large part of it off the contents so that she can enjoy popping on the sofa. She carefully lifted the bubble wrap and was stunned at what she saw.

She gasped and looked closely at the curled up figure inside.

“Suggoi… It looks so real!” she exclaims. “I didn’t know Oniisan took interest in art like these… Whoever made this wax figure is very patient…”

She leaned over to get a better look at the figure.

“Ehh… What a handsome face…” she said with a smile. “He’s even prettier than me!”

She laughed at her comment and curiously unfolded the bubble wrap to see the work of art.

“Too bad guys like you don’t actually exist in real life, ne?”

Her finger accidentally grazed a part of the figure’s arm as she folded the wrap. It surprised her how it didn’t feel like wax at all.

“That’s strange…” she said as she softly poked the exposed arm. “I wonder what this is made of… It feels like human skin…”

She very gently took the arm of the figure, being surprised again that it was heavy and felt very real. At the back of her head she thought that it was a carcass that Satoshi would use for art, but she very well knew that her brother was not that strange. And if it were a carcass, it would be cold and she’d freak out and scream the moment she touched it.

Miyuki looked at the hand of the figure and studied the material carefully. She flipped it slowly so that she could see the palm and was impressed by the details on it.

“I am seriously a fan of whoever made this…” she mumbled as she ran her fingers on the lines on the figure’s palm. “Maybe Oniisan wants to make something like this too.”

She snorted as she thought of what her brother could possibly be planning to do. And she imagined what Nino’s reaction would be if he found the figure lying around the house.

Miyuki sandwiched the figure’s hand between hers as she giggled at the scenario she was imagining. But her scenario was interrupted when something suddenly glowed.

She looked down at the figure and saw that the glow was coming from the necklace it was wearing. Baffled, she immediately looked down on the hand she was holding and inspected it. She stared at the necklace as the glow seemed like it was breathing until it finally stopped and was fully lit.

“What was that?” she whispered. She was more amazed than afraid at what was happening.

And then suddenly, something grabbed her hand. Miyuki’s eyes widened and she felt a chill run down her spine, causing her to shudder. She looked down and saw that the hand she was once holding was now holding her hand…tightly.

The figure’s eyes opened and it suddenly sat up and looked at Miyuki in the eyes.



Haru hunched on her seat and tried to stay as low as possible as she typed on her computer. Nagase-san had arrived and Haru didn’t want him interrogating her about the progress of her article. It was already enough trouble that she had to escape from her own house just so the robot would not follow her.


A startled Haru quickly looked up and saw that it was only Junno.

“You always scare me, Taguchi-san.” She said as she sighed.
“Did you think I was the boss again?”
“Yeah, sort of…” she said with a smile. But the boss is not my main worry today.

She had to strategically plan her escape from home earlier that morning. She had to make sure that the robot was busy. After she was successful in fooling him that she was only arranging the shoes on the genkan, she made a mad dash out of the apartment.

“How are you doing with the assignment he gave you?” Junno asked.
“Well… I’ve accomplished a page already…but I’d still edit it. And then there’s the possibility of rewriting everything too.”
“Ganbatte kudasai.”
“Hai, ganbarimasu.”

Haru looked at the article she was typing and sighed. She didn’t know why it had to be so difficult for her to write about love. Writing about her ‘boyfriend’ was supposed to be more difficult since he’s not actually human, but as she read what she has written, she realized that most of the paragraphs were about him. It was a lot of nonsense about him, but it was about him nonetheless.

She rested her forehead on the computer screen and groaned.

“What do you know about love, Taguchi-san?” she suddenly asked.
“Eh?? Me?”

She looked at him again and waited for his answer.

“You’ve had a girlfriend before, right? I saw you with someone before…”
“Uhm.. Well… Love…”
“We’re you in love with her?”

Haru suddenly realized that she was asking something that was personal.

“I’m sorry for asking, I just… I just really need someone else’s view about it…” she told him. Junno smiled and shook his head.
“It’s okay. I just… I just don’t really know what to tell you about it.”
“Hard to put into words?”
“I thought so…”

She sighed again and saved her work before standing.

“Are you busy, Taguchi-san?”
“Hmm? W-Why?”
“Can you help me?”
“Well… Sure. I’ll try…”

Haru smiled and picked up her bag.

“Great. Let’s go to Night’s.”


Miyuki freed her hand from the figure’s grip and backed away until she hit the back of the sofa.

“It’s alive!”

She watched as the once lifeless work of art stood up—naked—and scanned the room. Miyuki yelped and quickly covered her eyes. She uncovered them just as quickly upon realizing that she needed to know what the figure was doing. It was not the right time to be a scaredy cat.

The figure looked down on her at the floor and stared at her for a good 10 seconds.

I must be imagining this! I have to be dreaming!

She held her breath when the figure smiled at her and slowly started to step out of the box.

“W-What are you doing?” she said as her heart started to beat faster. “You stay away from me!”

The figure, still smiling, walked towards her with open arms. Miyuki wanted to run away but couldn’t. Her mind did not function properly and she was too disoriented to think. She started to push her back against the back of the sofa as if doing so will magically make the sofa swallow her and hide her from the Frankenstein.

Miyuki had to cover her eyes again when the figure stopped in front of her.

“GO AWAY! You’re not real!” she yelled. She felt the figure kneel down in front of her but Miyuki just tried to ignore it. “It’sadreamit’sadream. IamdreamingIamadreamingIamdreaming. Wake up, Miyuki! Wake up!”

Everything suddenly became very silent and all Miyuki could hear was the sound of her breathing.

Is it over?

She cautiously uncovered her eyes and was shocked when she saw that the figure was still kneeling in front of her and leaning towards her—naked—his face merely inches away from hers. She wanted to scream, but nothing came out of her mouth. She just stared back at the smiling figure’s shining dark eyes.

“Hajimemashite…” it said softly. “ Kanojo…”

Miyuki raised a brow and it was as if she had forgotten that a supposedly lifeless work of art was talking with her.

“Kanojo?” she repeated.
“What’s your name?”

Okay, this dream is definitely too weird…and definitely too unwholesome already…

“M-Miyuki.” She found herself saying.

The figure smiled again and gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Hello, Miyuki…”


Taguchi Junnosuke was not the best person to talk to about love. While it is true that he’s had some girlfriends before—whom he really cared about even after they’ve separated—he was not very articulate in matters of the heart. He never had the right words, he was never romantic, and he could never really bring himself to say the most important things.

He liked Shiomi Haru. There was no use in trying to hide that. That was one more thing about him. He could never hide how he feels and he could never lie about how he feels. He just wishes that he knew how to say it directly.

It was the first time that Haru invited him to do something with her, and he was feeling very anxious about it.

They were silently walking along the sidewalk and Junno could tell that something was on her mind. He had to think of something to say.

“Did you like the cupcake you bought last time?” he asked.
“Ah! Yes, it was good. “she answered with a nod. “The cream puff is still my favorite though.”
“Oh? I hope they have them there today then. You look like you really need one.”

He was happy when she laughed a little.

“Sou desu ne...*” Haru smiled.

They reached the pastry shop after a few minutes and Junno opened the door for Haru like he always does. They stepped in and were immediately greeted by the woman behind the cashier.

“Ohayou gozaimasu…” he and Haru said at the same time.

They walked over to the pastry display and started choosing what to buy. Junno saw that there were a lot of freshly baked cream puffs today.

“Hey, look, your favorite.” He said as he pointed to the golden brown puffs at the middle of the display.
“Yatta…I’m saved.”
“Two cream puffs please.” Junno told the woman. “And I’ll have a Chocomint brownie please.”

From the corner of his eye, he saw Haru give him a questioning look.

“It’s my treat today.” He said with a smile. “You wouldn’t mind an extra cream puff, would you?”

She smiled back and shook her head.

“No, I wouldn’t mind at all.”


Miyuki’s heart was now hammering inside her chest. She felt very awkward and very uncomfortable, but she could not explain why she somehow liked how the figure looked at her. There was something in the way it looked at her.

For a few seconds, she had completely forgotten everything that happened and was now just engrossed by the moment they were sharing just looking in each other’s eyes.

Chotto matte…*

Miyuki suddenly came back to her senses.

Why is this thing talking to me?? And why am I talking to it?? And WHY is it NAKED?? AND WHY IS IT NEAR ME??


The first thing that Miyuki knew she should do was to hit it in its most vulnerable spot. But she quickly changed her mind since she did not want to even be near its most vulnerable spot. Still screaming at the top of her lungs, Miyuki pushed the figure away from her, stood up, and ran.

She made it to the genkan and opened the door to escape, only to bump into Koki who was standing in front of their door.

“Kou-chan! Help me!”

She jumped into the man’s arms and clung tightly to him, wrapping both her arms and legs around him.

“MIYUKI?? What are you doing? What happened to you?”
“There’s a naked THING inside!” Miyuki exclaimed, her voice muffled by Koki’s suit jacket.

Koki threw her down, making Miyuki yell an ‘Itai!’, then ran inside to see what Miyuki was talking about.


He saw the robot standing in the middle of the room with no clothes on.

“Help! I think I just became blind!” he told Miyuki as he dramatically covered his eyes and appeared to be struggling.

Miyuki rushed back inside the house and hid behind Koki.

“What are you talking about? Stop fooling around and do something, Kou-chan!”
“Why is he naked?”
“How should I know?!”

Koki immediately took off his jacket and threw it to the robot.

“Cover yourself, man! Sheesh!” he yelled.

The robot looked confused and just stared at the jacket. Miyuki thought that it was odd how Koki was reacting to everything.

“Kou-chan, that thing came to life!” she frantically explained. “Someone delivered it here and I thought maybe it was for Oniisan so I opened it and the next thing I know, it’s alive!”
“Alright, breathe in Miyuki. Breathe in…” Koki told her. “You!”

He pointed to the robot.

“Cover yourself up. You’re scaring your girlfriend.”


“Hai. I understand.” The figure said with a smile before it tied Koki’s jacket around its waist.

“What do you mean ‘you understand’??
“Miyuki, relax…”

Miyuki was about ready to burst. She was confused and frightened and she didn’t know what was going on. She saw Koki take out his phone and call someone. The figure has now covered his self up and was smiling at her. She hid her face behind Koki’s back again while he waited for the person he was calling.

“Hey, Kame, you better come down here quick.” He said. “That thing is here.”

“What?” Miyuki looked at Koki who just grinned at her. “Wait—you guys know about this?”

“Yeah, I know, Kame, okay? Just come down here now.”

He shut his phone and looked at Miyuki who was now frowning and had her arms crossed over her chest. Miyuki narrowed her eyes at her friend who was now laughing nervously.

“I love you, Miyu…” he said sweetly. Miyuki just glared at him. “Should I be scared now?”

Miyuki breathed deeply.

“Oh yes, Kou-chan… You should be very scared…”


Sou desu ne – Something like ‘I know, right?’
Irasshaimase – Something like ‘Welcome to our store!’
Chotto matte – It’s like ‘Wait a minute.’ Or ‘Hey, wait a second...’ Or ‘Hold on...'

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