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06 October 2009 @ 02:48 pm
Rainbow - Episode 2 - 2/3  

Title: Rainbow
Fandom: JE/Arashi
Characters: Ninomiya Kazunari, OCs
Pairing/s: None, but suggested Nino/OC in latter parts
Summary: Three unseparable best friends meet a terrible tragedy. With each of them suffering a terrible state, will things go back to the way they were?
A/N: Originally posted: October 4, 2008

Episode 1 | one | two | three
Epsiode 2 | one |

Sachiko couldn't sit still as they drove to the hospital. Kazunari has woken up from his coma. She was certain that things would be a lot better now.

It was Kazunari's mother who called her parents. Her father was the one who answered the call. According to him, Ninomiya-san wanted him to tell Sachiko that, once again, she was able to wake up Kazunari.

When they arrived at the hospital, Sachiko became excited. Kazunari was the only one who could make her feel better. He survived the accident, just as she had. They both went through the pain and the trauma of that accident and Sachiko believed that they could help each other go through it.

Every step she took became lighter and lighter until Sachiko couldn't feel her feet touching the floor. She had felt so terrible when she realized she was blind. She was devastated when she found out Akane was dead. But now that Kazunari has woken up, she was reminded that she still had one friend left. Akane's death, to Sachiko, was now more bearable because she didn't have to go through it by herself.

"Ninomiya-san!" her father greeted.
"Thank you for coming." Kazunari's mother answered in a rather somber tone. She saw Sachiko and held her hand for a moment. It was her first time to see her after she has woken up.
"Where's Kazunari, Ninomiya-san?" Sachiko inquired.
"Inside...with the doctor and his father." she answered.

Sachiko wondered why Ninomiya-san sounded unhappy. She could detect the sadness in her voice. She decided to shun this away and just focus on the fact that her best friend was awake.

"Mrs. Ninomiya," it was the doctor. He motioned for them to come in.

Everyone was silent when they entered the room. Sachiko stood between her parents near the door and wanted to ask what was happening. She was too embarrassed to break the silence, however.

"Kazunari..." Ninomiya-san said lovingly. Sachiko could only hear her faint voice but she didn't know what was happening. Nobody around her said anything.


Kazunari gazed at the people in the room. His mother warmly embraced him and looked at him lovingly. His father was standing on the other side of his bed. Three other people stood at the back with the doctor. A man, a woman, and a young girl. They all looked happy as they looked at him--except for the girl who looked blankly elsewhere, her hands holding on to the man's arm.

"How are you feeling?" his mother asked softly. He didn't answer. "You have some visitors..."

Kazunari watched the three people at the end of the room slowly move towards the bed.

"Kazunari, this is the Haera family. They have been our friends for a long time." introduced his mother. "Haera Shin, Haera Minako, and their daughter...Sachiko."

Kazunari slightly bowed his head. The man and the woman smiled at him, but the young girl, Sachiko, looked confused. He thought he saw tears starting to form in her eyes.

He looked at his mother and shook his head.

"I think we should go and leave him to rest again." the doctor said.

"What's going on?" the girl interrupted. "Ninomiya-san? What's going on? I don't understand."
"Sachiko..." Kazunari's mother mumbled. Kazunari looked at the troubled girl.
"Kazunari, are you awake?" she asked expectantly.
"H-Hai..." he quietly answered. The girl smiled brightly.
"Well get up then, Kazunari!" she said more cheerfully. "Don't make me pour some water on you!"

A picture suddenly and quickly flashed in his mind. His head hurt.


The doctor quickly came to his aid. All the visitors were told to leave the room so he could rest. His mother planted a kiss on his forehead before leaving with the others.


Sachiko frowned as she stood beside her father outside Kazunari's room.

What's wrong with Kazunari?

The doctor told them to leave Kazunari's room. She hasn't even had the chance to ask how he was doing. Kazunari acted so cold and strange towards her, and nobody in the room said anything.

Sachiko's father helped her to a seat and then sat beside her.

"Ano...Ninomiya-san..." she heard her mother say. "What did the doctor say? How is Kazunari-san?"
"Haera-san..." said Kazunari's mom. " Kazunari...Kazunari can't remember anything."

Ninomiya-papa held his wife as she started to weep. Sachiko's father stood up and went towards the distressed couple.

"When he woke up...he couldn't recognize anybody...not me, not his father..." continued Ninomiya-san. "He doesn't even remember his name..."

"Ano..." said Ninomiya-papa. "Kazunari has amnesia. The doctors said they have to keep him here for a while longer. They have to observe him for a few days and run some tests on him as well."

Sachiko clenched her fists on her lap. Her hands began to quiver as she fought back tears. Just when she thought things would get better, she hears this news.

Kazunari couldn't remember anything, and there she was left with all of the horrible things she was trying so hard to forget. She felt alone as she sat there listening to the conversation.

A tear rolled down her cheek when she closed her eyes. Slowly, she stood up.

"Sachiko," her mother called.

Sachiko ignored her and began to walk slowly to the opposite direction. She stretched one arm to the side until she felt the wall.

"Sachiko where are you going?" her mother pulled her am but she pulled it back and continued walking. "Sachiko."
"I want to get out of here." she muttered.
"Okay, okay... We'll go home now."
"I want to go to Akane."

Her mother grabbed her wrist tightly and stopped her from going any further.

"Sachiko...Akane is..."
"I KNOW!" she yelled. "She's dead! I know that, okay? You don't have to tell me again and again."

Her mother loosened her grip on her.

"I want to go to Akane... Please take me to her..."


Kazunari looked down at his dinner and sighed. It had been a long day. The doctors have been running tests on him for hours and he was exhausted.

He remembered the girl from that morning. She didn't look at him but she seemed so upset when she left the room. He recalled the picture that he had earlier seen in his head.

He saw a pitcher of water. The girl...Sachiko...she was holding it up. But the picture disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. He winced and massaged his temple.

"Are you okay?" his mother asked. He couldn't remember her either but he somehow felt comfortable around her.
"Hai." he answered.
"Are you not hungry?" she asked when she saw his plate. He looked down at his food and didn't answer. His mother sighed. "I'll go get you some tea."
"Ano..." he started. "W-What do I call you?"

His mother stopped to look at him and smiled. "You call me Mama. It was short for Mamamiya but you only use the longer version when you want something from me." she chuckled. She walked over to the table and poured some tea into a cup. "Your father...you call him Papa-san when you're playful."
"Soo ka..." he said with a little grin.

She handed him the cup and he held it between his hands. He felt terrible that he couldn't even remember his parents. He looked at the woman who introduced herself as his mother, but he didn't remember anything. No pictures flashed.

"The girl..." he whispered.
"Aah... Hai. Sachiko..."
"I...I don't remember her either but--"

His mother sat at the foot of his bed.

"Well... Ano... I saw a picture...in my head..." he continued.
"A picture?"
"Hai...it was that girl, Sachiko-san. She was holding a big glass pitcher over her head like...like..."

His mother smiled and stood up. She removed the bed table from in front of him and placed it on the floor. She smoothed his blanket then sat closer to him.

"I was just wondering.." he said shyly before he sipped some tea from his cup. His mother fixed his hair a bit before speaking.

"She's your best friend." she answered.
"You've known Sachiko since you were still in diapers. She would run to our house every morning so she could wake you up for school. Your father and I tried doing that but we rarely succeed. " She looked intently into his eyes. "She was always the one who never failed to wake you up."