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22 October 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Absolute Boyfriend 2.0 - Chapter 5  

Absolute Boyfriend 2.0
Characters: Arashi, KAT-TUN, OCs, and various special guest appearances from other famous people
Pairing/s: Nino/OC, Sho/OC, Junno/OC, Jun/OC (more to come)
Summary: Miyuki has had one bad relationship after another, while Haru has never been in one. Both are given a chance to have their ideal boyfriend--only they're not human.
Disclaimer: I do not own ZettaI Kareshi (drama/manga) in anyway, nor do I own the Johnny's boys--except for one (LOL). I own the plot and the OCs. Some characters from the original Zettai Kareshi are mentioned, but I do not own them either. ^^

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Jealous

Miyuki breathed in very slowly as she turned to the next page in the robot manual she found inside the metal package. She breathed out even slower as she carefully browsed the page. She shifted her weight to her left leg and quickly glanced at Koki who was sitting nervously beside the half naked robot on the sofa across from where she was.

When they heard a knock on the door, Miyuki coldly motioned for Koki to answer it and he hurriedly did so. She heard subdued bickering as soon as the door opened and it kept on until the two emerged from the genkan.

“Be quiet, both of you!” Miyuki scolded.
“Hai!” Koki and Kame said at the same time.
“Sit down.”

The two sat on opposite sides of the robot, both sitting up straight and looking down on their shoes like they were the most interesting things in the world.

Miyuki took her time in reading the pages of the manual, once in a while glancing at her two friends and the smiling robot between them. Once when Koki tried to say something, Miyuki was quick to shush him. It was only after she’s read a third of the manual that she finally closed the book and put it down.

She crossed her arms over her chest and cleared her throat.

“So…Whose brilliant idea was this? Raise your hand.”

Koki and Kame slowly raised their hands up.

“Both of you? Honestly now.” She said sternly.
“W-Well…We both agreed to do it…” Kame answered. “But it was me who told Koki about it.”
“No! That may be the case, but I am equally as guilty as him in this!” Koki interrupted.
“Of course you are.” Miyuki said flatly.

She sighed and clicked her tongue.

“How could you guys do this? I mean, a robot? What on earth were you thinking?”

“Miyuki, aishiteru.” The robot said out of nowhere, Miyuki grimaced then glared at her two friends.

“You always pick the wrong guys. Even you agree with that fact.” Kame reasoned. “We thought that maybe if the guy gets chosen for you, you’d be able to make the relationship work.”

“That is such an awfully sweet thing of you to do, Kazu-chan, but you missed one little thing… HE’S A ROBOT! I’d be less upset if you set me up with an actual person!”

“Miyuki, aishiteru.” The robot said again and Miyuki shuddered.

“How did you even find this thing? Did you buy it off the internet or something? This better not be illegal or I’ll—“

“He’s your perfect boyfriend.” Kame said, cutting her off. “He was made especially for you…He was designed to match your preferences and personality.”

Miyuki looked at the robot and studied his appearance.

“Does that include my preference in looks?”
“Ofcourse.” Koki answered. “We’re not your best friends for nothing. We know exactly what your type is and we chose exactly what you want, minus the loser personalities that your exes have.”

Kame and Koki now seemed more at ease about the situation.

“You have always been honest when you loved someone, Miyu. But still, it seems that no matter how honest you are and how good you are to them, you still end up with a broken heart. You are still not treated the way you deserve to be treated.” Kame continued. “People lie. People fail you. They fail you too much, if you ask me.”

Kame breathed in and eased back on the sofa.

“ Koki and I…we just want you to have someone you deserve…and someone who deserves to have you.”


Kame stood up and walked towards her.

“Yes, I know it might seem like a stupid thing to do… Maybe Koki and I made a mistake by getting you a robot lover.” He said. “But take a chance on this Miyu-chan. What have you got to lose? You took a chance at all those other boyfriends you had, didn’t you? Why can’t you take a stab at him as well?”

Koki also stood up and walked towards them. He took Miyuki’s hand and held it tight.

“It wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” he asked her. “…to love someone who was made to love only you?”



Haru smiled as she finished her second cream puff. It had been a nice break from the toxicity she felt at work earlier.

“Cream puffs always make me feel better…” she gushed before eating the cream left on the fork. “Thank you for the treat, Taguchi-san.”
“Iiyo. It’s the least I can do to help.” He smiled.

Haru picked up her glass of water and smiled back before drinking. She thought it was nice to have Junno as a friend. He often seemed very carefree like Aiba, minus the hyperactive part.

They walked back to the office shortly after that. All Haru could think about was the article she needed to the write, and her incapacity to write it. She has concluded that eating her comfort food and going out of the office for a change of atmosphere did very little in helping her write the article.

This article was no ordinary article and she now believed that she might even need divine intervention to write it. It’s that, or she needed to go on a real date.

“Maybe I need to go on a date.”

Haru was surprised when Junno tripped and almost fell flat on his face.

“I was just thinking…” she told Junno. “Maybe I need to go on a date to help me write this article.”
“E-Eh? A date—you mean…”

She kept walking as she thought of a plan to help her creative juices to start flowing.

“Oh, there you are!”

Haru was surprised when she was greeted by Aiba.

“I thought you were absent too.” He said with a smile. “Where have you been?”

Haru was about to answer when Junno passed by them and greeted Aiba with a wave.

“Oh…” Aiba grinned knowingly. “I see…”
“You know, Shio, dates are best after office hours. It’s no fun when you have to end the date quickly because you have to get back to work.”
“Unless, of course, writers go for that kind of thrill…meeting ‘deadlines’ and all… Ah! I see, I see… So it’s like that, huh?”
“Wait, wait, wait… Aiba, I don’t know what you’re on about but I wasn’t on a date, okay?”

She walked past the giggling Aiba .

“I understand, I understand…You don’t have to be so secretive about it. We’re friends after all… And, you never asked before, but I’m actually a love guru. I might be able to help you out.”

Haru just chuckled and shook her head as she switched on her computer. She was welcomed by the article that she was writing before she left. She groaned at the sight of the few paragraphs that she has managed to finish.

“Are—What do we have here?”

Aiba took a peek at Haru’s article and started to read it.

“Hey! Don’t!”
“Love is a complicated and somewhat frightening feeling for someone like me. Love is not exactly a very common thing for me and—“
“Don’t! I haven’t finished it yet!”
“I just want to see! It looks interesting.”

Haru tried to block his view, but Aiba was tall and could easily look over Haru’s frame. She tried to distract him by flailing her arms, but Aiba just pushed her aside and sat down in front of her computer so he can read it.

“Just as I have expected, even having a boyfriend will not make me more knowledgeable in—WHAT??”

Haru pushed him back and switched the monitor off.

“It’s a draft, okay?” I told you not to read it.”

“You have a boyfriend?” Aiba exclaimed loud enough to make all the heads in the office turn to their direction. Haru’s eyes widened and she was quick to shake her head to dismiss the topic.

“Iiya, iiya, iiya. What are you saying? I don’t have a—“

“I saw it there—“

“You saw it wrong.” She said firmly. She turned to the heads that were looking at them and smiled apologetically. She frowned at her friend and started to push him away from her workstation. “It’s a story for my article which you should not be reading. You know I don’t like it when people read my unfinished works. I don’t even let the boss do that. And what do you mean you thought I was absent? When have I ever been absent?”

Haru hoped that she spoke quickly enough for Aiba to forget about what he read and just remember the last topic that she talked about. It worked on him most of the time.

“Oh, that. Ohno-chan called in sick. I told her to take it easy but I guess she pushed herself too hard last night.” Aiba answered. “I told her that we can just do more work tomorrow.”

Haru smiled and nodded.

Yatta…It worked.

“No one can ever keep up with your energy, Aiba. You should tone it down a bit…” she chuckled, feeling happy that Aiba can be easily distracted. She didn’t really want him to pry on the boyfriend topic.

“You think so?”
“Yes, I do. I like Ohno-san. Please try not to scare her off.”
“Hmm… Maybe you’re right. I like her too. She works hard and she tries her best to keep up with me. Ah! Maybe I should visit her!”

Haru watched as Aiba walked to his desk mumbling about what treat he could bring his junior photographer. She heaved a sigh of relief and turned her monitor back on. She made a face at the meager five paragraphs and was about to delete everything when Aiba suddenly appeared behind her again.

“But I am a love guru, you know.” He said. “I’d help you if you’d only ask.”
“What do you think should I bring my kouhai? What makes girls feel better?”
“Don’t you think you should call her first?”
“No!” Aiba said in a way that made Haru think she made a preposterous suggestion. “I can’t call! It’ll ruin the surprise!”

She laughed at him again and started to press the backspace key on her keyboard. She knew it was pointless to argue with him.

“Try creampuffs…”


It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Miyuki sighed and stared blankly at the dark purple fedora on display.

…to love someone who was made to love only you?

She was sure that Koki had her at that line because she started to agree with everything else that they said after that. How she really needed someone who would be loyal to her…how she should take a chance on true love… how it doesn’t matter if he’s a robot… how she doesn’t even have to fall in love again right away…

She could tell that her two best friends felt really happy and proud of themselves as she slowly began to understand what they did for her.

“Miyuki, look!”

Miyuki turned to the robot that just got out of the dressing room with his fifth outfit from that store.

“How do I look?” it asked her with a small smile before posing.


She took the fedora on the shelf and walked towards the figure. She placed it on his head and straightened the black vest he was wearing.

My best friends do know exactly what my type is.

“There…” she said. “You look perfect.”

She found herself smiling a little as she looked up at the handsome figure in front of her. She did think that he looked perfect. She thought that he looked great in all the clothes that she told him to put on. And she thought it was crazy how the figure had a great sense of style and was even telling her to try on some nice clothes. The sales ladies have been watching him like he was a model on a ramp.

“Hontou? I’m happy you think so.”

She nodded and told him to change back to the clothes she took from Satoshi’s closet. Somehow Koki and Kame convinced her to try dating the figure. Miyuki was very hesitant, but they said that she didn’t have to worry about payments and just enjoy the robot’s company. Also, Koki’s words just wouldn’t leave her alone.

She told herself that it wasn’t wrong to try to love someone who was made to love her. Even if it was happens to be in the completely literal context.

They told me not to push myself anyway…at least there’s no pressure. I can just make him help around the house maybe…

Earlier, she had to tell Aiba that she won’t be coming to work because she was sick, which was partly true since her leg still hurt. She felt bad for telling a lie, but she could not go to work after suddenly finding out that she had a new boyfriend—who at the moment, still did not have an identity.

She decided that it was best to buy him some clothes since it was impossible—and not a good idea—to take clothes from Nino or Satoshi’s closets if the figure was supposed to be her boyfriend. Their jeans would be too short for him anyway.

“Maybe I should have demanded that Kame and Koki provide the clothes for him.” She muttered under her breath as she paid for the clothes. “Volunteering to just lend him jerseys… Those guys are really something…”

She took the shopping bags and absentmindedly made her way outside. She kept wondering if she made another stupid and hasty decision by agreeing to try out the robot lover.

“Are you alright?” the figure asked her as they walked along the sidewalk.
“I need help with these.”

The figure nodded and took half of the bags from her.

Don’t tell me… He knows I don’t like it when my boyfriend carries everything?

“How about now? Is that better?” the figure asked him.

Oh great, I think he does know.

“You don’t want me to take all of them, don’t you?”
“No, this is fine. Thanks.”

The robot took her hand just as they were about to cross the street. Miyuki was taken aback but she did not pull her hand away. She looked at the robot and how holding her hand was like a natural and normal thing for him to do. He was acting like he’s been her boyfriend for a long time. He let go of her hand as soon as they had crossed the street safely.

The robot smiled at her when he noticed her looking.


She looked away quickly and shook her head.


She realized that her heartbeat quickened when he caught her looking. She turned her head away so he won’t see in case she was already turning red. They passed by a convenience store and Miyuki suddenly stopped in her tracks and gasped.

She checked her watch and saw that it was almost five in the afternoon. They had been shopping for hours and she forgot that she promised her brother an amazing dinner tonight.

“What’s wrong?”

She started to run while recalling what they still had in their refrigerator. She had to come up with something really good for Satoshi and Nino and she had to settle with whatever she could find in the house. There was no time to stop at the market or grocery store.

The robot caught up with her when she had to stop and wait for the pedestrian sign to turn green. It took her hand again and smiled.

“Don’t worry…” he said in a deep and self-assured tone. “We’ll make dinner together.”

Miyuki looked up at the figure’s profile and could only nod as they crossed the street hand in hand.

“I’ll cook an incredible dinner for you.” He smiled again.


Nagase-san summoned her to his office again that day, and his little lecture just added more pressure to Haru. He kept asking her questions about the robot lover and she honestly could not tell him much except that it was always making a mess in the kitchen.

She did not tell him that she chose to rewrite everything that she has accomplished for the article so far—which was not a lot. Haru was determined to give it a nice start. She was sure that she can do better if she could only think of a nice start for it.

Since she was still lacking inspiration, she spent most of her time chatting up Aiba who was editing some photos that he took the other day. She decided to let him be the love guru that he says he is and asked him a lot of questions about relationships and love.

“I feel like a celebrity.” Aiba said with a laugh as he adjusted the colorization of one of Ueda Tatsuya’s photos. “I bet those idols had to do a lot of interviews like this.”
“You’re not a Japanese idol, Aiba.”
“Of course not. I am a love guru.”
“Okay, love guru…We’ve covered the type of girls that you like so I think it’s about time you say something guru-ish. You’re not really giving me anything good to start with.”

Haru chuckled and leaned back on the seat.

“I bet I’d get a lot more material if I talk with Taguchi-san than you.” She said.
“Well…I won’t disagree with that. You usually find more things to write about on people you like.”

Aiba giggled and shielded himself from Haru’s notebook. The rest of the shift was spent just talking about senseless things. Nagase-san has been eyeing her from his office and even gave her an “I’m watching” you gesture a couple of times. Haru just shrugged it off and thought that it was probably better for her if she just lets the words come to her.

It was tiring trying to squeeze something from her brain. They only stopped talking when Aiba called it a day and said that he was going over to his kouhai’s house.

“Aiba-san is really nice, isn’t he?”

Haru chuckled and nodded. She quickly kept her things in her bag and joined Junno as he walked out of the office.

“I just wish it wasn’t always so pointless to talk with him.” She joked. “I asked for his help, but we ended up just joking around. He did not help me at all.”
“Still can’t write the article? I thought you started it already?”
“I did… But I wasn’t satisfied so I wanted to do it all over again.”

She pushed the down button on the elevator.

“You’re really working hard on this article…”
“Apparently not hard enough.” She said bitterly.
“Maybe you just need another creampuff.”

Haru shook her head and followed Junno inside the elevator.

“I think the cream puffs only work in making me feel better. They’re not very good brain food for me.” She said with a weak smile. “I might need something else to inspire me.”
“You mean like…like a date?”

Haru sighed and nodded her head. She wasn’t sure why the idea of a date even crossed her mind, but so far it was the best thing she could think of doing to help her with the article.

“Let’s…Let’s go on one then.” Junno said.

She looked up at him and he only smiled.

“It’s not like a real date or anything.” He said quickly. “It could be like…like research. It’s for work, you know. Just so you could find something to write about.”

The elevator bell rang and they both stepped out. Haru crossed her arms as she thought about her friend’s suggestion. She didn’t know anyone she could go on a pseudo-date with anyway. It would be too troublesome to do it with Aiba.

“That doesn’t seem like a bad idea…” she said.
“E-Eh? Really?”
“Let’s do it.”

Haru stopped and looked up at Junno.

“Let’s go on a date.”

Junno smiled widely and nodded his head. Haru started walking again but was stopped in her tracks when she saw someone a few feet ahead. She gasped when she realized who it was.



Lately, it had not been often that Nino got to go home before dinner. Today, however, was not one of those days. So as he neared the condominium building, Nino felt a surge of happiness sweep over him. He hasn’t had a decent dinner in a week.

“Hold the doors!” he called as he ran towards the closing elevator. He went inside and bowed a thank you to the person who kept the doors open. He was about to push the button to their floor but then he saw that it was already lighted.

“You live in that floor?” the man inside the elevator asked. Nino thought it was somewhat intruding of him to suddenly ask him that question. The man smiled at him, but Nino just nodded his reply.

He noticed the box he was holding. It was from Night’s, and from the smell of it, Nino knew that the box contained creampuffs. The man must have seen him look because he suddenly spoke again.

“Ah, this is a gift.” He informed him.

I wasn’t really wondering.

“Do girls like this?” the man asked him.

Seriously, why is this guy talking to me?

“I guess.” Nino said nonchalantly. He at least knew that Miyuki liked them.

“Well, then I guess Ohno-chan will like them as well.”

Nino turned his head sharply at the man and tried to keep a straight face even though he was genuinely surprised when he said ‘Ohno-chan’. He casually looked at the box again and then at the man’s face, careful not to look suspicious.

He can’t be talking about Miyuki, can he?

The elevator bell rang when they reached their floor and the man walked out before Nino. He stopped after a few steps and looked at a piece of paper. Nino walked past him casually, but his pace quickened when he was sure that he could no longer be seen.

He reached the unit and checked if the man in the elevator was anywhere in sight before he went inside. The smell of tomato sauce welcomed him and made him smile. He brushed the dust off his clothes and stepped out of the genkan.


Nino cringed as he felt his chest tighten.


He did not realize that he was doing slow intakes of air as he looked at the two people in the kitchen. Miyuki was cooking something by the stove and a man was looking over her shoulder. Their backs were turned against him, but he was sure that he has not seen that man before. He was also sure that it was not her ex-boyfriend because there was no way that she would get back together with that person.

He was taken out of his trance when someone knocked on the door. Nino quickly stepped back to the genkan and pretended that he had just arrived.

“Tadaima.” He said as nonchalantly as he could. He stepped into the living room just in time to see Miyuki turn around and step back in shock when she saw him.

“Nino!” she said as another knock was heard from the door. “O-Okaeri nasai.”

Nino could tell that she was uncomfortable. He frowned at the man who was now the one cooking by the stove and then he turned his gaze back at Miyuki.

“Can you answer the door, please?” she said quickly.

He frowned again and cleared his throat before answering.

“You do it.” He said flatly before he walked to the sofa and plopped down. He put his feet up the center table and took the Nintendo DS from his bag. His fingers automatically turned it on and opened his saved Dragon Quest game like they were programmed to do it. His chest was still tight and he found it a bit hard to breathe.

He heard Miyuki’s footsteps as she rushed to the door. He was half-expecting her to yell at him and demand that he open the door so he felt disappointed that she ignored his retort. He angrily pushed the buttons on his DS as he tried to demolish the first inanimate object that he saw, but failed.

“Who are you?”

Nino felt the blood rush to his head when he heard the man’s voice. He narrowed his eyes and stood up slowly. From the genkan, he heard Miyuki’s voice as she greeted the person knocking. He turned and faced the man who was taller than he expected.

He breathed in slowly and crossed his arms.

“Who are you?” he replied coolly.

The man was about to answer but then Miyuki and the man from the elevator suddenly arrived. The man from the elevator looked surprised upon seeing Nino, while the man from the kitchen looked surprised to see the man from the elevator.

“Who are you?” the man from the kitchen asked the elevator man. Nino rolled his eyes. He saw Miyuki holding the box of creampuffs and his chest tightened again.

They all turned their heads when they heard the door open and Satoshi appeared from the genkan. The not-so-toasty-anymore Satoshi looked up at the two new faces with a blank expression.

“Who are you?”


“S-Sho, what are you doing here?” asked a bewildered Haru. She tried to recall if she had specified anything about wanting to be fetched from work, but she couldn’t remember doing that. She looked at the robot again. “Well?”

The robot was looking at Junno and seemed to be studying him intently. Sho turned to Haru and smiled a little.

“I came to pick Haru up.” He told her.

“Eh?” she and Junno replied at the same time.

Sho turned to Junno with a serious face and slowly approached him. Sho didn’t stop until he was directly in front of Junno and was almost nose to nose with him. Haru winced as Kimura-san instantly came to mind. She squeezed herself in between the two men and tried to push Sho away from Junno, but he wouldn’t budge.

It was Junno who stepped away, but Sho only stepped closer again.

“Sho, what are you doing?” she said as she tried to keep herself from being squished. Junno was already pinned to the wall next to the elevator, and Haru was still trying to push Sho away.

“Sho! Move!” she demanded.

Sho’s face remained serious and he just stared at Junno.

“Kowai…” Junno whispered nervously, making the last syllable a bit high-pitched. “A-Ano…Shiomi-san, who is this person?”

Haru lifted her hands to cover Sho’s threatening eyes and she gathered all of her strength to push him away from them. Sho kept on trying to walk to Junno and Haru tried her best to keep him in place.

“I-I’m really sorry about this, Taguchi-san—“

Sho snarled at Junno, causing the taller man to hug his suitcase and back away.

“Let’s just talk again tomorrow, okay?” Haru tried to smile as she said this, but Sho was being very pushy behind her.
“H-Hai. I’ll see you.”

Junno ran out of the building and it was only after he was out of sight that Sho stopped. He blinked and looked at Haru who suddenly felt exhausted.

“Hello, Haru.” Sho beamed.
“What is the matter with you?” Haru yelled and hit Sho’s arm with her bag. “Why did you do that??”

She hit him with her bag again before walking away. Sho followed her.

“I came to pick up Haru.” He said cheerfully. “How was work, Haru?”
“It was fine until you attempted to attack Taguchi-san, that’s for sure.” She snapped back.
“Yes, my friend that you scared away just now!”
“Yes, Sho, he’s my friend.” She said angrily as she passed through the automatic glass doors. She stopped after a few steps and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Sho stepped in front of her with the serious look pasted on his face.


His expression changed and Haru couldn’t tell if he was sad or angry.

“Taguchi-san is Haru’s friend?” Sho asked again in a low voice.
“Yes. We work together. He’s my friend.” She answered. “But now you did something rude and embarrassing to my friend, Sho. Why did you do that?”

Sho averted his eyes away from her.

“Haru said she will go on a date with Taguchi-san.”

Haru was taken aback by his answer.

“Why are you going on a date with him, Haru?”

He looked Haru in the eyes again and Haru suddenly felt like she was in the wrong. Sho had a pained expression in his face as he waited for her answer, but Haru didn’t know what to say.


As if it wasn’t bad enough that Nino found me with that robot still here…

Miyuki closed her eyes tightly and tried not to scream. She had three men in the house and she didn’t know what to do or say to any of them.

Not that I have to explain anything to that robot…Or Nino for that matter...But what will I tell Oniisan? And what will I tell Aiba-senpai? I’m supposed to be sick, for crying out loud!

She took a long deep breath and slapped herself.


She grimaced as she rubbed her face. She knew that she had to think of an explanation for the robot’s presence. She couldn’t tell them that he was a robot, and she sure would not tell them that he was bought by her best friends to be her lover.

After perking herself up, Miyuki stepped out of the bathroom with the most genuine smile she can show and went back to the kitchen to help the robot. She saw that Ohno was at the table with Aiba and they were talking, while Nino was busying himself with his DS.

“Dinner’s almost done, Oniisan.” She told Satoshi. “I’m sure you’ll love it.”

She made another pitcher of juice and served it to it to Aiba and her brother.

“I’m really sorry for the trouble, senpai.” She said while she refilled his glass. “I’m actually feeling a lot better. My leg doesn’t hurt that much anymore.”

She heard Nino mutter something while he played his game, but Miyuki couldn’t make out what he said. And she could only care less for what he has to say at this time.

“I’m glad to hear that, Ohno-chan.” Her senpai grinned. “I hope you can come to work tomorrow already.”
“Of course.” She grinned back. “We have a lot of work to do.”

She left the pitcher at the table and patted her brother's shoulder before going back to the kitchen to check up on the robot. She was thankful that the robot seemed to really know what he’s doing. It confidently moved around the kitchen and he handled the pots and pans like a professional. She could only thank her best friends for knowing that she loved men who are good in the kitchen.

“Thank you.” She whispered as she took the pot and ladle from him. She dipped the ladle and tasted the sauce and was impressed that it was very delicious. “This is unbelievable!”

The robot smirked and winked at her.

“Only the best for Miyuki.” He said as started to drain the noodles.

Miyuki chuckled and looked back at the other men in the room. Aiba and Satoshi were busy chatting about art and photography and Nino was still trying to kill whatever it was that he was trying to kill in that game. She figured that it was the best time to think of her explanation. She remembered that she needed to give the robot a name.

“Ano… You there,”

The robot turned to her and waited for her to speak.

“Uh… Your name…”

The figure smiled and dropped what he was doing. He walked towards Miyuki and stopped a feet away from her. He tucked her hair behind her ear and Miyuki blushed. She stepped back and quickly turned to see if any of the other boys had seen what happened.

“Okay, first of all, don’t do that when there are other people around.” She whispered sternly.
“Nande?” the robot whispered back.
“Just don’t, okay?”
“When other people are around?”
“Okay. I understand.”

She turned to the stove again and pretended to stir the spaghetti sauce as she thought some more. She needed to have a story ready before Satoshi or Nino starts asking about the stranger in the house helping her.

“I don’t know what name to give you.” She told him. The figure also continued preparing the noodles.
“That’s alright.”

Miyuki looked at the robot as he carefully clamped the spaghetti noodles onto a large glass bowl. She remembered what Kame and Koki told her…that she needed someone as sincere as her. Satoshi called her before she could talk to the figure again.

“Ano, Miyuki, I’m hungry.” He complained.
“We’re done already, Oniisan.”

She motioned for the robot to hand her the bowl of noodles.

“Oh, by the way, Miyuki…”
“Who’s your friend?”

Miyuki glanced at Jun and then she turned to her brother and smiled.

“His name is Jun*.”


Jun – Matsujun’s name in Kanji means “moisture”, but another kanji for Jun means “Genuine/Pure”. So for story purposes, Jun’s name in this fic means “genuine”—since it was said that Miyuki needs someone sincere. [Although if you think about it it’s kind of ironic since Jun is not actually human (genuine) here. XD]

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